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    I've never encountered this problem before, but right now if I put a CD or DVD into either of my two drives, I'm unable to see the contents, only a desktop.ini file.

    Both drives still work ok: AnyDVD has no problems detecting either drive, I am still able to rip/encode CD via EAC, VLC will play the disc etc but I can't access the folders. I've not changed any settings (the "show hidden folders/files" option in Win7 is still on).

    I've done lots of searching online but can't seem to find out what's caused this. Could a raft of Windows updates (it was unused for a couple of months after a move) and an AnyDVD update have been responsible? :confused:
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    Thanks for your reply. I'll give that a go.
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    Unfortunately, that wasn't successful.

    However I think I know what may have caused this. Before I got this PC up & running in the new place, I installed a StarTech esata pci card (and SiliconImage Drivers). The card seems to have installed correctly (although I've still yet to connect an esata device to it) although when I look under the list of drivers for each of the two optical drives, it now lists a Sil3132 (or similar - I'm not with the PC right now) driver which makes me think that it has hijacked the two optical drives?

    I have emailed StarTech for some advice, but in the meantime I'm wondering if I should remove that driver (this will most likely stop the esata card from working?) or even remove the card entirely. If the latter works, then my theory is correct although it does beg the question of how I'm going to be able to use this esata card without interfering with my two optical drives :confused:
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    Well predictably, StarTech said their card & driver shouldn't affect the drives, but when I removed their driver and the card normality was restored.

    I did re-install the card (this time without the drivers) but the same thing happened so I removed it. Seems like there's something with that card that interferes with optical drives for some bizarre reason :confused: