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Discussion in 'CloneCD' started by deaacs, Oct 9, 2007.

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    I don't use CloneCD, this isn't a question related to the software, but rather related to the file format - specifically the CCD image-file format (as opposed to ISO or BIN). Now when I save my mixed-mode CD using the .cdd image file format, it saves three files - .cdd, .img and .sub. The sub-channel data is stored separately in the .sub files - but as my data came from my PC (as opposed to a physical CD) there was no subdata to reproduce in the first place - is the .sub file therefore required for the integrity of my .cdd images, or can I simply delete it?
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    .ccd = info? like cue file
    .img = effectively an .iso
    .sub = sub channel recording - delete it if the disk had no protection (if it didnt, then why use clonecd)

    i might have ccd and img confused, the largest file is effectively an iso (i think it is img though)
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    Okay thanks. As I said I'm creating Mixed-Mode CD's, and the CCD image format seems to be the best to handle this (you can't use ISO, and the software I have doesn't seem to do BIN files correctly in that mode) - I'm not using CloneCD (the only slysoft software I am using is Virtual CloneDrive, which I'm using because Microsoft's can't mount CCD images).