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Discussion in 'AnyStream' started by Moonsault, Mar 6, 2021.

  1. Moonsault

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    Hi there everyone, was wondering if anyone could help me with a CC/subtitle problem I am having.

    I have tried downloading the witcher episode 4 with embedded subtitles to use in iTunes/Apple TV. The problem is it has both English and Forced English subtitles, and both are desired. However, for some reason, if you select more than one option when downloading the subtitles, none of them work when the file is played in iTunes/Apple TV. The subtitles will only apparently work in iTunes/Apple TV if only one subtitle choice was made during the initial download. Is there any way to download a file with multiple subtitle choices and have it work in iTunes etc?

    Can someone tell me what I am doing wrong?

    Thank you and please forgive any newbie ignorance!
  2. RedFox 1

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    This as you know is a new program, I have no use for subtitles but many do. The developers are not here at this time, but they see all new postings every day. I don't even have use for Itunes so I really am at a loss here. I never had anyone ask for multiple subtitles and I doubt many here do also. But I could be wrong. I am sorry you are having this issue, I am assuming you are using the trial, is that correct? The developer will be here sometime today or in the morning as it is the weekend. Sorry again for the lack of knowledge on my part. I doubt you are doing anything wrong. LOL, I am assuming the program was not written to allow it, or it may be that Itune will not allow it, again I am just guessing so I'll stop. Sorry again for your problem.
  3. Moonsault

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    Thank you so much! I really appreciate it!

    To clarify why I wanted the file to be able to include both standard English and Forced English, I like subtitles as it makes it easier to follow shows with quiet dialogue, but sometimes I like not to have them. But with a show like this when there is Elven dialogue (or any foreign language), the Forced English track is needed so you can still understand what they say without having to have subtitles for everyone's dialogue with the full English subtitle track. So it's nice to have the file have the option for both. I hope that makes sense, and thank you again for your time and help :)
  4. Lowpro

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    It's a long shot, but just for grins, try changing the file extension from .mp4 to .m4v, then reimporting the file to iTunes to see if it makes a difference.
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  5. DeepSpace

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    I never used iTunes or something from apple, but my thoughts are that it only support one subtitle file.
    But there is a thing: In the current version of AS, the subtitles are overwriting each other (english and english cc are the same filename). So how do you get both of them embedded in the file?

    Could it be that you are downloading both subtitles, but the forced ones are overwriting the normal ones and so you don't see anything when you play it because the forced subtitles are far less lines than the standard ones?
  6. Moonsault

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    Sadly no luck
  7. Moonsault

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    This is not the case, because if you download just the single Forced subtitle track, they will play and iTunes/Apple TV show the subtitle track as available. Whereas if you download the file with the Forced and standard English tracks, when you play it in iTunes etc, it does not show any available subtitle tracks.
  8. RedFox 1

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    @Prospere could you read this OPs post and let us know if this is possible. Thank you
  9. Prospere

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    @Moonsault The option to download multiple subtitles is there from the very beginning. Could you check it with, for instance, VLC player and see whether you see both tracks or just one, please?

    As well, there are two more things that may help - a log file from the download and MediaInfo's output (in case you are not familiar with MediaInfo - )
  10. Ch3vr0n

    Ch3vr0n Translator NL

    It is, but still not working entirety as it should. For example downloading the normal english subtitles track as well as the closed captioned one, still results in 1 track overwriting the other one, with the end result of 1 track instead of 2.

    Maybe that's an underlying factor here.

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  11. Prospere

    Prospere RedFox Development Team

    You are referring to a file being overwritten, I presume. Not that it doesn't need to be taken care of, but the OP refers to a different issue, when subtitles are embedded into the file.

    In either case, there are some changes to the way subtitles are processed internally, that are about to come out. This should take care of both problems.
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  12. Lowpro

    Lowpro Well-Known Member

    Sorry to hear that. I know back in the day anyway iTunes and subtitles didn't get along unless the file extension was m4v. Figured it was worth a shot. I use the SRT option myself as I author all the online content I download to Blu-ray. The first thing AnyStream downloads is the SRT subs which is great as I'm able to work them over in Subtitle Edit and export to Blu-ray (SUP) subtitles while the MP4 file is downloading. It's a nice timesaver. By the time the MP4 file downloads I usually have my Blu-ray (SUP) subtitles ready to go and can jump right into the authoring process.
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  13. tectpro

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    Ok. I had a test run.
    However, needed to re-container the files (mp4 to mp4), due to an import issue in iTunes.

    1. If the normal and forced subtitle is selected, both subtitles are embedded in the file by AS.

    2. iTunes only reads the 1st subtitle in a file, tested with different languages and it always picks the first one. That might be an iTunes limitation, for imported MP4's.
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  14. Xander

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    i would recommend that use use one or the flowing

    Plex, infuse or Kodi insted of itunes on your apple TV
    you dont have to do anything with the mp4 it will contain all subs you have selected, and play perfectly
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  15. Xander

    Xander Well-Known Member

    Ok i need to correct my previous statment
    It seem to work fine with N but not P

    Seems the languages aren't identified in media info.

    The left is a P show and the Right is a N show, if you use P/L/E/X the language will only show up as qbu in the menues for the P show

    now i need to go back and fix all the P shows... :)

  16. Ch3vr0n

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    You can mention Plex :). And what's a P show?

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  17. Xander

    Xander Well-Known Member

    P = Prime
    N = Netflix
    But could also be porn and nudity i guess ;) 
  18. Lowpro

    Lowpro Well-Known Member

    Another forum member reported on this as well, the second subtitle being named "qbu" .... see here.

    I suspect it's only an issue with embedded subs. All my Prime external (SRT) subs have ended in "" and "" respectively.
  19. Moonsault

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    Hi there! Thank you so much for all of your time and help - I really appreciate it!! I did what you said and downloaded VLC. I also re downloaded the video with the standard english and forced english tracks (I also included a third random French track for the sake of being thorough). When played in itunes or over Apple TV, NONE of the subtitle options appear. However, in VLC, all three options appear and work fine, so it is a problem with iTunes. I do not know if this helps, or whether the developers can fix it, but if they can I would be very grateful! I use iTunes primarily for all of my video watching, streaming videos to my Apple TV, so if they can solve this issue for me I would be grateful! There is no rush, and I am very grateful to you and the team for your time and help :)
    Thank you!!
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  20. RedFox 1

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    Seems like we are getting someplace, I really am looking forward to the new version, I have no issues what so ever, but its always nice to have an update.