Cast Away - No sound on movie only copy

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  1. rap31264

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    I copied the movie ONLY and upon playback on my computer there is no sound. So I CLONE the DVD and it plays back with sound. Why won't it playback sound copying Movie Only? Attached is the logfile. CloneDVD / AnyDVD

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  2. Ch3vr0n

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    AnyDVD has zero effect on audio tracks. It cannot physically remove audio tracks or prevent them from being detected and played by whatever playback method you mean. Manipulating audio is down to whatever you use to encode the backup. In this case CloneDVD2. Now i don't know why a movie only backup would have no sound and a full disc one would. Unless some kind of information gets lost in making a movie-only backup that it would need to be able to use the audio track, unless you happened to untick the specific audio track.

    Either way this is not an anydvd problem, at best it's a cloneDVD2 one.
  3. rap31264

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    I never untick anything. I let the program copy as is. This has happened before with a couple of other movies in the past but no biggie. Thanks anyway.

    Ch3vr0n...Can I re-post this on CloneDVD? or is that against the rules?
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    Wait for some more feedback first. I can always move it myself (as a mod) to the cloneDVD section. For now it's fine where it is.