Cars3 german BluRay - AnyDVD scanning forever

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  1. mheihs

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    I try to backup CARS3 german version (IMDB tt3606752) using AnyDVD HD V8.2.2.0 and tried V8.2.2.2 to an ISO image. Both versions of AnyDVD HD scanned the disk forever.
    Please Heklp me, Thx
  2. Ch3vr0n

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    First of, you're not supposed to use the image ripper on DVD's. AnyDVD gives you that warning for a reason. Second, please provide an AnyDVD logfile, error message,... Without it, we can't help you

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  3. mheihs

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    Thank's for the reply. It is not a matter of ripping, the load of the BluRay failed.
    After several reboots of my W10 (without changing any software or configuration - it were 8 reboots) suddenly it worked fine.
    7 rebootes and every loading of the BluRay resulted in a scanning forever, after the 8th reboot it just scanned some seconds and the BluRay had been available and playable by PowerDVD.
  4. mmdavis

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    If this is a Bluray, then it needed to have been posted in the Bluray section, not DVD. Either way, an AnyDVD log is still needed.
  5. Ch3vr0n

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    it IS posted in the blu-ray section
  6. Pete

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    Yes, after I moved it just now.