Cars Blu-ray-Only Playlist Obfuscation

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    Trial user here.

    I see references to "submitting a log" to RedFox when playlist de-obfuscation fails. I'm not sure if I'm supposed to submit it directly, or through these forums.

    I have a Blu-ray-only copy of Cars that I'm attempting to rip. AnyDVD doesn't show any "correct" playlist in the status window. Handbrake shows four playlists with the same duration (00052, 00072, 00074, and 00077).

    I'm currently comparing MakeMKV and AnyDVD. MakeMKV claimed the last three playlists were "identical" to 00052 (they aren't; at the very least they have fewer audio and subtitle tracks), so it simply removed them.

    I'm currently ripping 00052.mpls as I do believe it to be the actual original video. However, wanted to submit a log for analysis by AnyDVD. Hope this is the right way/place to do this. Thanks!

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    Submitting logs to the forum is the proper method :) So you did that right. As to screenpass, that's not on this disc. That title only has 4 playlists (the ones you mentioned). It's likely just a matter of the "angles" being slightly different. Meaning intro/outro credits, ingame signage that sort of stuff.
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    Gotcha! Good to know, and thanks for the help! So... in this case, the best way to tell which version to rip would be... to just manually look for the one with the most subtitle/audio track options?
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    Use Clone BD and start watching each playlist in the preview pane. Disney does this on most of their animated discs. Usually they are different languages and you can find the one you want very quickly.
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