Captain America The Winter Soldier

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    Has anyone else had issues getting Captain America The Winter Soldier to rip? it stops not soon after commencing the rip and seems to be a read issue. It almost looks like i have a bad disc but wanted to make sure this wasn't a known protection issue.
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    read errors on blu-ray = ALWAYS defective disc and/or drive. Blu-ray does not have a protection mechanism that simulates bad sectors.

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    Is it unusual for a disc to play fine in a BR player but not be able to be ripped due to read errors?
  4. Ch3vr0n

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    Not at all, standalone players have certain error correction capabilities that PC drives don't. PC drives need a bit-identical copy. Read errors, data stops flowing from the drive through the ripper. Ripper gets no data, errors out.
  5. Pete

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    That's not entirely true.
    PC drives have the exact same error correction capabilities.

    The difference is the player software, that can choose to ignore and skip bad sector groups at the cost of more or less noticable video glitches (in some minor cases, you'll never know it happened).
    AnyDVD allows to skip such bad sectors as well, but doesn't do so silently (like a player), instead it notifies the user first and asks for permission, so the user at least knows what hit him.

    Mostly it's one of two scenarios:
    1. your standalone player has a drive, that simply handles weak sectors a bit better. Can be vice versa. Standalone players, on average, have better drives, as these are the core of their functionality, wheras quality of PC drives varies more (you might choose a bad brand for price or because you simply can't know the quality, whereas a player manufacturer will make sure the thing won't riun their reputation).
      Especially slim drives/notebook drives are crap in my experience. ALL OF THEM. No exception.
    2. There might be read errors in some bonus track / auxiliary file, that you simply didn't watch on your standalone player, but told AnyDVD to copy.