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can't see Transformers disc

Discussion in 'AnyDVD HD (DVD issues)' started by three6mafia1665, Oct 16, 2007.

  1. three6mafia1665

    three6mafia1665 New Member

    Same problem here, my Pioneer drive (on Vista Home Premium) refuses to even recognize the disc although it reads fine in my PS2. Anydvd ( just reads the drive is empty, and any access causes the disc to eject. It's as if theres no disc in the drive at all.

    Any ideas? i'm stumped thx

    Using another computer running xpsp2 seems to recognize the disc, however, fails @ 50% analyzing with DVD Shrink (with AnyDVD running). Attempting to use AnyDVD's built in file ripper and then use DVD Shrink.
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  2. Webslinger

    Webslinger Retired Moderator

    from Frequently Asked Questions (READ BEFORE YOU POST)

    Anydvd can't see or detect my original dvd-video movie disc (or my drives can read cds and not dvds or vice versa). What should I do?

    a) Keep your license key file backed up safely
    b) Uninstall Anydvd (start-->all programs-->Slysoft--->Anydvd-->Uninstall)
    c) Reboot
    d) Check to see if your system ("my computer") now reports a disc in drive. Do you see a video_ts folder (if you're using a dvd)? Do you see folders or files?

    If the answer is "no" to "d)", then Anydvd isn't your problem. As Anydvd is not on your system, Anydvd can't interfere or block the reading process. Possibly your reader or burner is slowing dying, the original disc is bad, or a number of other possibilities exist as well (including messed up ide/sata busdrivers, bad cable on the back of the drive, etc.)

    If the answer is "yes", click http://forum.slysoft.com/showthread.php?t=1559 and follow the steps (note that step 4 requires you to post information)

    Do step 10 from this link: click http://forum.slysoft.com/showthread.php?t=321
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  3. three6mafia1665

    three6mafia1665 New Member

    Got a new copy, everything went fine. Turned out to be the disc apparently :doh:
  4. 5150

    5150 Well-Known Member

    Just curious, you didn't happen to buy the two-disc region 1 from Target did you? (the version with the useless "transforming" dvd case?) I didn't try backing mine up yet...It played fine on my dvd player. However, I bought the disc brand new and it was very "marked up" with scuffs on the disc itself. I ran it through Nero cd-dvd drive speed and checked it for errors and the result was a great deal of red sectors. Although it plays fine, I'm still going swap it out for a new one.