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    I'm a longtime user of Slysoft AnyDVD, and have just downloaded the latest Redfox version to verify that I've run across a DRM that AnyDVD can't break.

    here's the problem: I loaded "Hunter Killer" to rip. Both versions of AnyDVD screened the disk, the main feature was not shown; only the preview/short clips. I looked at the DVD in Windows Explorer with the saame result. I took the disk to living room, put the disk in the DVR and everything works.

    The same thing happened with "the Exception".
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    Hard for anyone (especially the developers) to tell you anything without an AnyDVD log.
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    Sorry, I meant to include it.

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    AnyDVD is not a RedFox version, that wasn't even the last Slysoft version. That is very old, from 2014. Requiring a Slysoft license.

    The current RedFox version is, requiring a new RedFox license. The latest beta version is

    The last version that used a Slysoft license was, back in 2016.

    The log file you attached is a System Information log, not a log-file of the disc in question. The Sys-info log doesn't help the developers to see what is wrong with your disc.