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Discussion in 'Virtual CloneDrive' started by Ant Rhonda, Jul 13, 2021.

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    This might be the all-time dumb question. For years I watched videos ripped from DVD disks using AnyDVD (and "HD). After several failures of my desktop PCs, I finally have one that runs a monitor that doesn't kill my eyes. I rescued my ISO/DVD files and installed the latest versions of all my RedFox software.

    Either I can't remember how to play a virtual DVD or something is wrong. Nothing I've tried (double-clicking on everything and anything I can think of. Searching the web, searching this forum with whatever keywords I can think of) puts a movie onto my monitor screen.

    Win 10 home 64 bit, see attachment for device information.


    Ant Rhonda

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    You have ELBY Virtual Clone Drive installed. Right click thr ISO file. Click "Open with". Select "Mount with Virtual Clone Drive". This gives you a virtual optical drive and you can play the "disc" with a player software, e.g. VLC.
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    Thanks so much! I knew it was something too simple to remember!

    VLC has been my go-to player for years. How can anything that works so simply be so good.