cant get video using 360hd dvd

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    I recently bought a Xbox 360 hd dvd drive at .Circuit city for $7 (dont ask) it was an open box. The compatability test OK'd everything except my monitor connection saying non hdcp digital. Now isn't any dvd hd supposed to fix this? I put in king kong hd dvd and all I get is a menu (no video) and the movie itself has audio but no video. Is there something im doing wrong? I have xp, power dvd 7'2 or 7.3. graphics card is hdcp.
    Is there other hd dvds that work better than some?
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    What are the specs on your computer? What card are you uing?
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    I have a core 2 duo 4500 running at 2.2 ghz 1gig of ddr2 bfg 8800gt 512mb gfx card. I will be OC'ing the cpu (the reason I got it) and adding a gig of ram in a few weeks. the compatibility test ok'd all but I know all pcs are different. thanks and I csnt wait to get it working. I also will be buying a ws monitor within a couple of months but want to get this going.
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    got it working fine just turned off hardware acceleration wow is that a great picture even on a 1280 x 1024 monitor