can't get the lastest version

john johnson

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I got an email the said there was anew version of anydvd and when I went to download it I was sent to a new page that said this object has been blocked. I don't get it. I never had aproblem downloading any of the updates before. any suggestions?


Sounds like a security setting in your browser has somehow gotten changed and you can no longer download executable (.exe) files.

Did you try to run it directly from the Slysoft web site?


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Is this link to the newest update 6113?

Shouldn't the link state: SetupAnyDVD6113.exe?

When I attempt to download it and run it it states I am loading version 6107. I have deleted everything having to do with the older version before downloading. I just bought AnyDvd a couple days ago and this is frustrating.

you maybe should have not deleted the older version, I always download on top of older version, works every time, regards Ricky (Midnightstar)