Can't get rid of **** desktop image

Discussion in 'AnyDVD HD (DVD issues)' started by CyberCrone, Jan 23, 2008.

  1. CyberCrone

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    I downloaded AnyDVD and CloneDVD at the same time. One of them, I can't remember which or if it was both, asked me if I wanted to install a desktop image and I answered no, but it installed it anyway. I hate it, it's ugly, and no matter how many times I delete it in the Control Panel/Display section, it keeps coming back, like a **** virus. I have gone so far as to uninstall both programs, deleted the image in Display again, and restarted my computer AND IT'S STILL THERE. I'm furious! How do I get rid of this thing? Has anyone else had this same experience?
  2. Slinger07

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  3. DrinkLyeAndDie

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    I don't really understand what is being referred to. A screenshot would help so we can see what is meant.

    Any shortcuts that are created upon installation should also be removed when the software is uninstalled. Beyond that I don't understand what a "desktop image" is or why it won't go away.
  4. Charlie

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    I remember back when I used anydvd before I owned it that if a aleration was used to bypass the 21 days and you uninstalled it it would leave this but it has been a while on that.
  5. CyberCrone

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    Y'know, I am now very muddled. As soon as I posted my message I thought I should reinstall both programs so I could give a clearer description of the process, so I did...and no such offer to install the image at all! So I looked in the folder where I save all the downloaded software install programs and I could not find anything there that I recognize as the source of this image--which, since you ask, is like a screen saver but it doesn't fill the whole screen. It's a huge compass like thing in mostly browns. But I now doubt my own memory about this and withdraw my complaint. If I can find out what installed it I am in a mood to BLAST publishers for it; but it now looks like it was NOT SlySoft. Thanks for taking the time to respond, people.
  6. CyberCrone

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    No indeed; I am still four days away from expiration. I don't do that stuff.
  7. Slinger07

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    I recommend purchasing the Slysoft programs...they pay for themselves very quickly.

    Your screensaver problem sounds a lot like the Mechanical Clock screen saver made by another company. My buddy has it, but I think it's ugly.
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    Before I buy the Slysoft programs, I have to use them successfully, and haven't had the time to do that yet; been out of town. I better hurry if I want to prove they work well on my setup before the trial runs out!

    Tonight I had time but got distracted by trying to get rid of the accursed ugly mechanical clock--sounds like it might be the one your buddy has. I uninstalled everything I've installed over the last three weeks and it still persisted--it INFURIATES me.

    So the solution was to use System Restore and choose a restore point three weeks back. Gone at last--whew! What has made me so irritable is that whatever company offered it--I do remember this much--it was supposed to be an option, and I turned it down, and it installed it anyway. And it is RANK that you can't get rid of it. If I eventually remember which company it was, they are going to get an earful.
  9. DrinkLyeAndDie

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    All I can say is that was definitely not installed by any Slysoft products and I can fully understand your irritation.

    I'm glad you got it sorted out.

    I highly recommend the Slysoft products. Just don't let that trial go to waste!
  10. cletusvegas

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    I did the 21 day trial and when it was over, I gladly paid for AnyDVD and bang for your buck in the software world IMHO. Never regretted buying it for a second. Pays for it sell, yes indeed.
  11. Yaris

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    They had me on day 2 of the trial version. It also helped that their coupon deal was about to expire.