Can't get H264 profiles to encode video...

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    Hello all,

    First of all many thanks for this software, which, after a week of experimentation proves to be the ONLY software solution that has helped me to successfully encode dvds that I can play both on my iPod classic and from iPod classic to tv. :bowdown: I have managed to do this using the iPod 5.5g high resolution profile, and setting my resolution at 640 x 480, or equivalent for anamorphic. No letterboxing.

    Hoping to get better quality for less space, I tried the H264 profile included in the devices.ini file, but only produced a file with audio, no video. (although "encoding" took a long time and produced a large enough file!) I then spent hours reading through this forum, discovered the "generic h264" settings, cut and pasted them into devices.ini, and ended up with the same result. So I thought to myself, maybe it's because I don't have the x264 package referred to. Found it, downloaded it, installed it (I think), and tried again. No joy.

    Perhaps I should stop, settle for mp4/m4v, and return to my real job, but it seems so simple that I'm driving myself crazy. If anybody has any suggestions, I would be most grateful. I know a reasonable amount about computers, very little about codecs, etc., so if you could reply in "for dummies" language (ie: "x264 is not a codec, it's a vitamin...") that might make my next attempts more successful than those so far.
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    This seems to be a Bug in both and I've gone back to using the mpeg 4 format for now.
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    Thanks to both of you for your replies. I'm going to try to the professional codec before I give up on h264 all together, but I need a little more guidance. I have downloaded and installed the 14 day trial of the codec. Could you let me know what settings I need to put in the devices.ini file to make sure that clonedvdmobile will use it? At the moment it appears that everything points to mencoder...?

    Please forgive if I seem ignorant-- I completely am. :eek:
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    If you installed the trial you will have a CoreCodec entry in your Start / Programs list. Choose Configure CoreAVC from the flyout menu and set as preferred decoder.

    If your problem is with playback (no video) because you did not have an H264 codec installed this should resolve that.


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    Thanks so much. I did configure it as the default codec, and still no joy-- no video on playback after conversion. So, sigh, here I will give up, before I get fired from my day job. I am able to get good mpeg 4 files using clonedvdmobile (but NO other program I have tried!!!) and that will have to be good enough for me.

    But, just as along as we're on the topic, is there any reason why this is so unbelievably complicated? I don't want to be an a/v engineer, I just want my dvd's to play on my ipod!!! :bang:
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    Yes, it sucks, doesn't it :mad:
    I can't believe how much time I've invested in this just to get dvd's on my son's Samsung YP-P2. Luckily I didn't get him an iPod, because you guys seem to have even more problems.... ;)

    With the price of hard drives so low now ( < $0.20 per GB here in Canada), it's just easier to live with the higher file size if you get the same quality when you play the files on your bigscreen TV. It makes no difference for the iPod on such a small screen anyway.
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    I am so happy to hear that I am not alone in this. I'm no stranger to computers and have lost WEEKS trying to get DVD's and .tivo files onto our iPod, primarily for the kids. Sheesh. I will be grateful the fact that I have a working (if imperfect) system, and wait for the technology to evolve. :rolleyes: