Can't get C & C 3 Tiberium War to work

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    Can't get C & C 3 Tiberium War to work
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    This is not a troubleshooting thread. It's for info about games only :doh:

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    First off I didn't make a new topic, I posted it in the games that dosen't work, how it got here I have no Idear...Mod can move it if jhe wishes, :agree:
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    If you wish to provide information in this format, I will add it back. Otherwise, it's just a repost/duplicate entry.

    I also moved it from the original thread, because I wasn't sure whether you wanted troubleshooting help.

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    Thx's for your throughts, but I was just posting in games that dosen't work in general....I got a nocd to get me by till Slysoft can get it fixed !!. To be honest I was to lazy to give error details of the no work-EE part of the game.....CHEERS
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    C & C 3 DOES work with GJ BUT you must use the HideJack plugin.

    Step 1: download hidejack, see this thread here

    Step2: Run GJ, go through the steps you normally would to create a profile, at step 5, leave on "automatic mode" UNCHECK "use quicklaunch..." insert CnC3 disc click finish, at step 6 UNCHECK "automatically launch game" click finish and GJ should be running in the systray.

    Step 3: Launch Command & Conquer 3, game should run normally, let game run till you get to the main menu, quit game.

    Step 4: IF GJ does not start profiling after the game quits, right click on the GJ tray icon and select "deactivate Command & Conquer 3" and the profiling should now start.

    Step 5: once the profiling has finished, remove C&C3 and try it out, it has worked for me with no problem once you get past the initial profiling ;)
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    What he said. Using C&C3 with 1.5 patch no problems, using this method.
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    How should I launch this? I tried launching through GJ, a desktop shortcut I created, and the regular short cut, and it either comes back with "no disk" or "security module" error. I created the profile according to the directions put here.

    edit: nevermind, got it. Needed to launch the profile without using the autostart, then manually start it as normal.
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    So being Hide Jack is a GJ program, it should be in the next update from SlySoft, or I hope that is the case.!!!

    BTW: Thx's for you Info on the plugin:bowdown:
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    For those who still can't get this game to launch with and more important without GameJackal active there is a official EA statement regarding the C&C 3 -1.05 patch in the C&C general chat forum.

    go here:

    It requires you to mess around with your Windows Registry Entries. If you are not familiar with editing your system files I recommend you don't attempt to do this and hold on for now, and wait for a new patch.
  11. G-Klav

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    It sure works for me - with the latest patch, 1.05, and all.

    But I use HideJack, which may explain why it does work.
  12. Loonie

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    V. 565 works for me without the hidejack plug-in, and with autostart enabled.