Can't get anydvd back after system restore

Discussion in 'AnyDVD HD (DVD issues)' started by steve1942, Aug 3, 2007.

  1. steve1942

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    Was forced to do complete system restore. Anydvd didn't work afterward so downloaded It downloaded as a 21 day trial. I have my original order and serial numbers (I take it the serial number is the license key). Wrote Anydvd staff asking how I can open up a screen to type in license number, get my decrypter back, and dump the trial version. They gave me a trouble number but have not since responded. Has anyone else had this problem? Is there a fix I can make without waiting for the support staff?
  2. Charlie

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    Copy the reg key onto the desktop and double click on that and you will need to restart anydvd for it to take effect.
  3. steve1942

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    I must be stupid. How do I copy Reg key to desktop? How do I restart Anydvd. In programs, I have 2 copys of the Sly Fox. One copy is the trial version, the other is the original downloaded version I had before restore. I can copy the original Fox to the desktop, but can't figure how to open it and can't figure how to type a license number on desktop (or even copy one there.
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    Your key is a file that looks like this: [​IMG] Double clik it and you are registered.
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    this version of anydvd is,unfortunately,flawed.
    a fix is promised soon.
    as for saving the key to the desktop (assuming you have saved the original e-mail):
    in outlook express open the e-mail and right click on the attatchment and save it to a location you can remember (ie desktop,my documents etc...).
    if you use an online e-mail service such as hotmail you should be able to download the attatchment to your pc...again to a location of your choice.
    locate and then double-click the saved key to install it and you will (or should be) prompted to restart your pc.anydvd will start automatically (unless you have disabled this option).
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  6. MyKroFt

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    Suggestion to developers -

    Allow a customer to enter their registered email and license # (ex - dont have actually key.anydvd file anymore) and have the website generate one to download.


    Allow the user to register by entering the information directly into the program....
  7. Charlie

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    Most likely will never happen to be honest.
  8. steve1942

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    Thanks all

    Thanks for the responses. I have it fixed. My method, removed anydvd (add/remove programs), found left over folder in programs, deleted everything but the license info which I copied to desktop. Downloaded set- up and then opened key. Opened Anydvd, it showed me registered. Rebooted, still registered. I will agree Slysoft doesn't make it easy and is yet to respond to requests for help. But, it works, it's a great program, and I sent them email to cancel trouble ticket.:D:D
  9. Coaster

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    @ MyKroFt,

    There is absolutely nothing wrong, difficult, unique, or unusual in the manner in which SlySoft uses to Register their Software Programs. There are numerous other Software Programs that use exactly the same “Registration Key” file procedure to Register their Software Programs.

  10. steve1942

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    Right, except for circumstances such as mine. I have 1Click software which created no difficulty after a system restore. Using a key process to register product is great. However, once you lose Anydvd because of a restore, there are no clear directions as to re-establishing your licensed copy. A new download comes as a trial with no access to tell Slysoft a key already exists. It would be so nice if Slysoft would download, with the trial, a communication link for those of us trying to re-establish a legitimate key. An email to them asking for directions went unanswered for 2 days (after the original automated response. They depend on the FAQ and Forum to provide the tech support. That's fine but the directions aren't perfect. A simple download with the trial would have saved me 2-3 hours. When restoring everything from scratch, that's alot of time. I do think this is the best decrypter though, so fought my way throug it instead of downlading a freebee that works with 1Click. 1Click also has a license key. Their's worked fine.
  11. James

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    You simply double-click the license file you have received as an e-mail attachment. I couldn't think of anything easier.
  12. Coaster

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    @ steve1942,

    You are attempting to make a very simple easy task such a Double Clicking your Registration Key file a monumental endeavor.
    I am sorry but you are totally incorrect. There are in fact clear concise dictions prominently posted. For example suggest viewing the below Forum sticky novelty titled “How to register your license key” ->

    Also on the SlySoft Web Page prominently posted in bold highlighted text under the novel title “How do I enter the license key” ->

  13. steve1942

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  14. cricketcf1217

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    I have tried all of that and mine still doesn't work. I purchased mine in 2004 and still have original email with the key, however, it doesn't show any numbers other than a reference number. Where do I get the license number?
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  16. DetroitBaseball

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    You gotta email Slysoft support to get it now.
  17. Webslinger

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  18. Coaster

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    @ steve1942,

    You still don’t get it do you?

    If you had made a copy of your Registration Key as requested by SlySoft in the license e-mail you received from SlySoft when you originally purchased AnyDVD and stored your Registration Key in a safe place (not on your computer) you would have not had to contact SlySoft for anything. Below is a direct quotation from the Slysoft license e-mail ->

    “Please make a safety backup of your license key file on a floppy disk or a CD and keep it in a safe place.”

    The pure and simple fact is that you failed to make a copy of your Registration Key and store in a safe place. Now since you failed to make a backup copy of your Registration Key you are attempting to throw the blame for you inconvenience on SlySoft. It is time to act like a mature adult and stop attempting to pass the blame to someone else.

  19. steve1942

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    Second part for cricket

    Coaster: I have my key (license) number. The number doesn't help unless you have an email to place it in. SORRY.

    Cricket, go to your programs, open Slysoft. Open Anydvd. Look for something that says registration. If you copy it to the desktop, it will convert to the key picture with fox that everyone is talking about. I bought Anydvd back in 2004 also and think the fox picture was added to program later. Download latest version, double click on key, you should have a registered version, at least that worked for me.
  20. Coaster

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    @ steve1942,

    You are entirely wrong. You don’t need any “email to place it in”.

    All you need is your “Registration Key” file. You double chick the “Registration Key” file and your SlySoft/Elaborate Bytes software program is then “Registered”.

    I have installed SlySoft/Elaborate Bytes software program on my daughters and son’s computer numerous times after performing hard disk reformats. I never contact SlySoft for any “email to place it in”. I just inset the CD were I have burned my backup copy of my Registration Key file and double click on the Registration Key file and the SlySoft/Elaborate Bytes software program is then “Registered”.

    I have a computer with all the SlySoft/Elaborate Bytes “Registered” software programs installed on it and this computer doesn’t even have Internet connection. Trust me no “email to place it in” has ever been on this computer. All of the SlySoft/Elaborate Bytes software program were “Registered” by just inserting the CD were I have burned my backup copy of my Registration Key file and double click on the “Registration Key” file.

    Unless you have failed to make a backup copy of your Registration Key and stored it in a safe place there is absolutely no reason be contacting SlySoft for anything. You don’t need any “email to place it in”.

    Do you really believe that SlySoft would design a Registration System that would require Registered users to contact them for a “email to place it in” each time someone had a hard drive failure or purchased a new computer to register their SlySoft software programs?