Can't find file if saved to default location - trial version

Discussion in 'CloneDVD mobile' started by loopyloops, Mar 11, 2007.

  1. loopyloops

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    I'm using the trial of Clone DVD Moile. When I save an .mp4 file to programs/slysoft/clondvdmobile, it doesn't appear there - when I save to my desktop, everything's fine. But, if I go to save the file again to the program location, it asks if I want to replace the file. Using Windows Vista, btw. Thanks!
  2. dtsig

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    Are you sure your login has full rights? Not that you think you are admin but ARE YOU ADMIN. My guess is it is a rights issue. Your best bet is to save your files to a temp file and move them to their final resting spot from there.

    A friend is using Vista (big mistake) and is having the same type of issues.

    Not a problem for dvdMobile but a 'feature' from Vista. good luck
  3. loopyloops

    loopyloops New Member

    I do have such rights - and, if it thinks I don't, it just asks. Again, if I save to the desktop - no problem, it just doesn't show up (nor does it come up in a search) if I save to the default - strange, huh?

    Thanks for the comment - though I don't think it's the issue, it makes sense, so I'll poke around now.
  4. dtsig

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    Well .. if you think about it you do have rights to your desktop. But the program installs into its directory which maybe only admin has 'read' rights to (as the program has read/write as it owns the directory).

    Vista has some very insteresting features that we are working through for our clients .. and this is one of them <G>

    Let us know what you find out