Can't find English audio in Resident Evil

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    I am grasping at straws here. I can't seem to find the English audio stream in Resident Evil. The Haali Media Splitter shows 5 streams, 3 foreign languages, and 2 commentary streams with faint English in the background.

    So it seems there are a few possibilities:

    1. I'm crazy and there is no English on the disk and I'm wasting a lot of time.
    2. There is an issue with AnyDVD HD and the English stream does not show up.
    3. There is a problem with the Haali splitter and it does not recognize the English stream.
    4. Some other issue that I have not even thought of.

    A. Are there tools that will enumerate the streams in the file?
    B. Has anyone seen the English stream with AnyDVD?
    C. Has anyone gotten the English stream out of the Haali splitter?
    D. If you have gotten English to work, what does your graph look like (what codecs are in the chain)?
    E. Can someone verify what streams are on that disk?

    Sorry, I'm just lost here. All others disks work fine, never had a problem.


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    To answer some of my own questions... the answer is 3. This disk has 5 DD streams and now I have been able to see that it also has 2 TrueHD streams that Haali will not expose. Unfortunately, English is one of those two TrueHD streams.

    I haven't been paying attention to the state of things... it would seem there is currently no DirectShow splitter that can handle TrueHD streams though there are now some TrueHD decoders available... someone please correct me, I want too be wrong about this.

    It seems the best someone can do is remux the stream and extract the DD (or DTS) from the TrueHD stream with something like TsRemux.

    Anyway, its not an AnyDVD HD problem.