Can't even get Reservation Road to read...

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    I just got the movie Reservation Road, and I'm trying to make a back up of it. After I load it into CloneDVD2 and try to get it to read, the movie doesn't play in the preview window, the window is all black with that unexpected error message. And when I try to select the title to make the copy of the movie in the right box for the video titles, there are a multitude of identical titles, like 1-89 to select from. Instead of one title that is specified for the movie, there are identical titles with identical play time 1:42:01 and 21 chapters. I've never seen this! I am assuming this is a new type of copy protection. Somebody please help with this movie title. Hopefully, an upgraded version of AnyDVD will be available after all the bugs are worked out. I know the moderators in here are diligent in working out bugs and constantly upgrade the reliable programs. Explain to me the issue with this DVD.
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