can't enter my license key

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    When I changed computers I had to load a new version of clone dvd but was unable to enter my license key before my 21 days. Now I can't seem to get the right help to enter the key. If anyone can advise me as to the proper way to enter my license key I would greatly appreciate the help.
    Richard Butler
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    There should be a file with .CloneDVD extention. Double click on it to add to registry and you should be good to go. :)
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    That said, CloneDVD2 (or any other redfox/elby product) doesn't use text based serials you Jeff to enter. When you purchased, you were sent an email with key FILE attachments. You double click that to register.

    If you no longer have that email, go to the support section on the main website and pick the 'lost license key' option.

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