Can't Download: "Video Resolution '-1x-1' " (Netflix)

Discussion in 'AnyStream' started by toyzrme, Jan 18, 2021.

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    Evaluating the software, I downloaded a couple of things from Amazon and Netflix (i.e. the process is working) yesterday.

    Today, I just went to download something on Netflix, but when I click on the movie, the Download Configuration message box pops up, but the "Video Resolution" drop-down only has "-1x-1" as an option, and there are NO options in the Audio Language" and "Audio Track" drop-downs.

    I didn't get any hits searching the forums for "-1x-1" ...
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  3. toyzrme

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    That was it - still an issue in

    Weird that I didn't any hits when searching - that string was in that post ...
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    Most people don't run (or can't run with Windows updates rebooting machines) AS for 24+ hrs, so it's not a problem vast majority of the time ;-)
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    It is, however, on my list and will be treated shortly.
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    The fix is on the way
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    Thanks to all - not pushing!

    My last comment was actually about my search: I searched for "-1x-1", but got no hits. Yet the posting 0x0x0x0x0 (did I pronounce that correctly?) referenced *has* that string in it - just wondering why the search algorithm didn't find it - i.e. did I enter it wrong, or is it a search bug? (i.e. if it's a more general search bug, it might save the moderators time answering questions :)
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    no, the emphasis is on 0x0! :p

    I think the problem is with the forum's search filtering: