Can't decrypt Ripped ISO's with protection?

Discussion in 'AnyDVD HD (Blu-ray issues)' started by bobross, Apr 1, 2018.

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    I ripped two UHD's with a friendly drive. I tried to rip and decrypt but I was getting the AnyDvd server is unavailable so I figure ok, rip with protection and I can decrypt when the system is back up. Now I have these ISO's that are ripped with encryption, I mount them with Virtual Clone drive but I'm still getting the error "Cannot process request at the moment, please try again later!", ERROR processing Blu-ray disc!"

    AACS MKB Version 60
    UHD Blu-Ray disc
    couldn't retrieve AGID!

    Are the ISO's now useless? Do I need the original discs again? If, so, what is the point of this rip with encryption feature? If I burn the encrypted ISO back to a UHD dics can I re-rip and decrypt it?
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    Does it give and OPD error? If not then that message just means that the disc isn't supported yet
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    Thank you for the info goncal. I don't see any OPD error, would that also be in the status window? Strange these are first run UHD's Blade Runner Final Cut and Ghostbusters II. Thought those keys were known.
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    Vcd and AnyDVD can't decrypt a disc unless the original has been seen before and data is present in the OPD. Why don't you start by reading the sticky. 'read BEFORE you post'.

    It's there for a reason, no logfile: we can't help you.

    Just because keys are known for one version doesn't mean they'll work for another one. Movies come in multiple versions.

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    I was hesitant to upload any log because I've been seeing a lot of "we don't need logs" posts. Anyhow, here they are - attached.

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    I'm curious where you would find such posts. Logfiles are the first thing that's asked for. There's one exception, when there's a lot of user's posting logfiles around the same time, that usually means it's the same disc version. At those times the staff sometimes says that they don't need more logfiles for a while, because chances would be high is another duplicate of the same disc version.

    That's all

    *Edit* overlooked for a moment you were posting about uhd. Uhd logfiles at this time are NOT required no, due to limited and experimental uhd support. When more stable support is added, logfiles may become needed at that time.

    Logfiles are required for troubleshooting for DVD/BD.

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    Or, you know, for unsupported UHD's. :)