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    As many returning customers, I can't buy an unlimited license. I tried with a visa card and a master card from two different banking institutions. Both of them, that I contacted, don't see any blocking issue, and as someone already wrote in the forum, they can't allow something that triggers no reject. In other words, it seems that anydvd that I have been using and paid for 4 years is no more a viable solution. Don't tell us to use bitcoin or whatever cryptocurrency, I will not setup an account for the sake of one transaction in my life. So, I'm desperately asking for a viable payment solution.

    Thank you
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    Try calling your bank telling them you are making an international transaction and staying on the phone until its not rejected.
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    You have the same issues as me, I’ve been into both banks and tried to make transaction and both banks said they aren’t even seeing the transaction to refuse it

    My concern is that the details for both cards are now in someone else’s hands.
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    There are, in general, only two issues that can lead to the phenomenon that your order is rejected and your bank does not see the order attempt: either you are located in the UK and/or your card is registered in the UK, or the redirect to the "3D secure" servers (Verified by Visa/MasterCard Secure Code) does not work properly. For the latter case, this can be caused by the simple fact that the card itself is not unlocked for these "3D Secure" features, or by something on your end interrupting the redirect (browser plug-ins, script blockers, firewall, hyperactive anti virus software...).
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