Cannot write decent copy to DVD+R - only good with DVD+RW

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    I'm new to this forum. I am using AnyDVD with 1Click DVD Copy Pro. My optical drive use DVD+R/RW disks. I am using Sony DVD+R and Sony DVD+RW disks. When I try to do the backup (copy) on DVD+R, the copy is poor. It is pixelated in areas. Some chapters are ok, but others just stop and usually stall my player. When I do the same task using RW disks the copy comes out perfect. Can anyone help solve this problem? Thanks.
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    1. Change the booktype of the +R DL media to "dvd-rom". Use Nero cd-dvd speed to do this if you have to:
    This is a free program. (Click "Extra", then "Bitsetting". Make the change to "dvd-rom" and click "set".)

    2. This is still likely a blank media quality issue or a disc playback compatibility issue with your dvd player (or a combination thereof). Try Verbatim (CMC) discs, Taiyo Yuden, Maxell Broadcast Quality discs, MAM-A Gold archival quality discs, etc. The last two I mentioned are very expensive and not easily found.

    I'm moving this thread to the media forum, because this issue has nothing to do with Anydvd.
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    Also.... remember that DVD-R is a more compatable format with the true DVD. Look carefully on the packaging on the DVD+R or +RW spindle and you will note that they can't use the "real" DVD logo. Way back when, DVD+R was kind of a "rogue format" set up by an alternate group that did not want to pay for (or wait for) licensing from the DVD collective.


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    Webslinger, Thanks for the quick reply. I will download the Nero cd-dvd speed and do as you suggest. What is "booktype," I've never heard the term before.
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    Also, do I do this for each disk, or is the change made to my computer settings?

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    I don't think it is the disks. Both the +Rs and the +RWs are Sony.

    SORRY, SHCHMD, I'M GETTING VERY SLOPPY. I didn't mean to edit your post. I thought I was editting mine. Lol, this is the third time this has happened to me. Sorry Sorry --Webslinger
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    bleh, I edited your post and not mine

    Some software that comes with burners automatically allows you to make this change permanent. It's also possible the Nero cd-dvd speed tool will allow you to make the change permanent. However, if you can't, you will have to do this each time, since Slysoft products do not do bitsetting changes. All this does is improve playback compatibility for standalone players.

    Some Sony blanks are junk, actually (especially avoid the stuff made in India).
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    shcdmd, I've run into this with junky media and sometimes the only way to deal with it is to burn at half the rated speed of the DVD blank. If it is an 8X DVD try burning at 4X, it will take longer but just might work when all else fails.