"Cannot Use Selected Disc Drive"

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    I have installed all of the updates for both AnyDVD HD and CloneBD but every time I try to rip a 4K UHD movie I receive this error message:

    "Cannot use selected drive. The disc in this optical drive is still protected. CloneBD cannot be used to copy unprotected bluray discs. If it is permitted to create backups in the country you live in, you may use AACS decryption tools to unlock this content."

    Movie: The Dark Knight

    UPC number: 883929596218

    Attached is a LOG file. Any assistance would be greatly appreciated.

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    That's because it is. Afaik ALL pioneer uhd drives are only uhd-official drives and NOT uhd-friendly. It's the reason why anydvd can't retrieve the disc's unique identifier (AGID) which is required for anydvd to know what decryption info or needs to retrieve from the OPD. Anydvd only works with uhd friendly drives.

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