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    Hi all,

    I'm from HK. I've recently purchased the PowerDVD Ultra i.e. version 3319f and AnyDVD HD i.e. beta. i tried to play the Bluray disc on the LG HD/BR combo drive. However, i will get the below error message every time.

    A critical component of the player requires preiodic updates. New movies could fail to play if the critical component is not updated promptly. Would you like to update now?

    the option is Yes or No. After i choose Yes, i will get another dialog box.

    Player application update
    Update progress finished

    I can only click ok in this dialog box. However, the whole program will stop and the movie can't play. I go through the forum to look for the help. I've already tried to use 3104 build of PDVD ultra, but no help. Unistall and reinstall many times, i still have the problem.

    Can anybody give me an insight to solve the problem?



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    Try reading through the forum first, at the moment you can't use the latest Powerdvd with Anydvd running, you have to roll back to Powerdvd 3104
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    Not with Bluray that is - as far as I'm aware, HD-DVD still works fine with 3319f.