cannot open volume for direct access error

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    Hello , Can Anyone please advise me, I had version any dvd 6165 installed on my pc along with clone dvd2 2909 all was ok until i was prompted to update to 6166 then 6167 version some half an hour later , the clone dvd2 i also updated to the latest version , i then ran my defrag and checkdisk on xp as normal and the message cannot open window for direct access popped up the pc didnt enter chkdisc mode but restarted , so i did a restore all worked again but all my drives including my files on my d drive where also taken back so i undid my restore point removed any dvd tried reinstall same error ,thought will make sure it isnt my pc so installed on a known working laptop the same error popped up, i fixed loaptop by ghost image however as id just rebuilt my main pc and activated it i was horrified as i hadnt backed up my pc so i cant fix the problem incidently my main pc isnt on the net and never goes on it so it only has the main xp install and service pack 2 installed , apparently there is a bug in xp known by microsoft but what fix do i need is slysoft the culprit or clonedvd2 , or neither? , I have recently fixed the aspi layer in my system ok but this problem is foxing me , as i said until i installed the updates my pc worked fine no problems , i dont have zonealarm or anti virus and the pc does connect to the net HELP PLEASE BEFORE I FORMAT THANKS:bowdown:
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    Hello neil2047, Do you happen to have any other burning products on your laptop like Roxio or somthing like that, that may be conflicting with your anydvd or other programs???

    I have XP & the service pack 2 too. i didn't see any strange glitches or bugs of late.

    Did you happen to do a registry clean to get rid of your first ANYDVD Updates & clonedvd2???

    You can try this run it & see if any older updates are truly off your computer.

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    cannot open volume etc

    hi , thanks for your reply, i only have nero 6 nowt else only clone cd clone dvd2 and slysoft anydvd , this error only popped up after i installed from 6165 to 66 then to 67 , pc works but when you start up it gives that error message then boots normally , i dont have any updates at all on this pc as obviously it is used soley for music and dvd copies its a desktop matsonic , the laptop i tried was a thinkpad an old machine but one that was know to be ok i got same error so i used ghost to sort it but as i said no rescue image of my main pc , re install not a problem i can do that , but if problems were caused by any dvd or new clone dvd2 i would simply get faults back even if i rebuilt pc help !:(:bowdown:
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    Volume locked too?

    I also updated yesterday both AnyDVD as well as CloneDVD and also the latest DivX Pro Pacakge. After the required reboots etc after so many programs are updated I usually run Check Disk followed by running an Offline Defrag with Perfect Disk. To my surprise a scheduled on a reboot Check Disk on my "C" Drive where XP w/SP2 is installed never happened? So I decided to run theoffine defrag that Perfect Disk uses and what do you know for the
    1rst time ever Perfect Disk reported that it was unable to run an offline defrag because of a driver conflict that caused the volume to be locked?

    Trouble shooting I decided to boot into safe mode and then schedule a Check Disk. The reboot from safe mode to safe mode and Check Disk worked ---> obviously whatever driver was locking the volume never loaded in safe mode and thus did not interfere with running Check Disk. After booting into normal mode I tested running an offline defrag with Perfect Disk this time choosing to force any open handles closed beforehand. The offline defrag completed successfully but in another attempt to do a Check Disk from within XP's normal mode it fails.

    So either AnyDVD or CloneDVD or the latest DivX Pro package is the culprit here? Since the day before I ran Check Disk as well as an offline defrag with Perfect Disk without a hitch.

    I am thinking that maybe the fix for Vista that was incorporated in the latest build of AnyDVD maybe has issues with XP?

    About the only other tool I can think of to isolate the offender would be to install MS's UPH Clean and try to determine which drivers are not unloading from the user profile that are also causing the volume to be locked since my event log does not indicate any indication of problems with a profile being unloaded.

    Sysinternals Process Explorer does not reveal any processes running that are different then before updating these programs. So it seems to point to a profile issue?

    Anybody else running XP experiencing a failed Check Disk due to a locked volume?


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    volume chdisk etc error

    I strongly suspect that its down to the updates i did yesterday , i was on any dvd 6165 so when it popped up 6166 i dutifully installed then mins later up popped any dvd 6167 version so i updated yet again, clone dvd2 was downloaded and also updated, I have so far spent the entire day trying to seek solution , as i stated in previous posts pc works but chkdisk doesnt anymore pc always starts with error message and windows has finnished checking disc cannot find anything did a checkdisc and repair using xp cd and still it comes up, I have had absolutely no probs with pc for some time now went ms site but no joy there only its a problem some other member mentioned a chkdisk issue with any dvd however i couldnt understand his/her post as it wasnt in english hope someone has an answer slysoft havent emailed me yet either:bowdown:
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    give up re installing xp

    WELL given up the ghost on this I am re installing xp well i have already done so just hope i get activation code leaving all slysoft stuff off until after ive done a ghost backup and the only up to any dvd 6165 and previous version to 2109 clone dvd2 those worked see what develops eh??:doh:
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    CloneDVD fixes locked volume in at least XP

    I have upgraded to CloneDVD and am happy to report that this update does indeed fix the locked volume issue that affected at least XP and that once again Check Disk functions normally without resorting to a safe boot as well as in my case, an offline or boot time defragmentation that Perfect Disk has.

    I hope that the folks at Slysoft will post an update to AnyDVD pronto! that incorporates the updated ElbyCDIO driver that was the "culprit" behind this locked volume issue in XP for those end-users that don't also have CloneDVD.

    ...And BEFORE they release any more updates for both CloneDVD or AnyDVD that they fully "beta" test them on sytems besides Vista for those of us that are holding off on switching to Vista for reasons that are tooo long to list here

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    should i shouldnt i

    can you clarify this for me please ok i understand clonedvd2 had a problem which is fixed iss this the reason when i tried any dvd 6167 on a laptop it affected the chdsk ? what i mean is the test machine i used wouldnt work when i installed any dvd i got the errors you did , another post said that the three products which i have like many the set of slysoft the dodgy driver corrupted the rest , i have got pc as is prior to any dvd 6167 ive got 6160 any dvd clone dvd2 version 2903 and latest version of clone cd which is ok as far as i know im reluctant to upgrade yet though as i had to BEG AN ACTIVATION KEY FROM THE BIG MS AS YOU SAY TEST PLEASE BEFORE RELEASE BETTER STILL PROVIDE separate VERSIONS FOR XP AND VISTA WHAT WOULD YOU OTHER MEMBERS ADVISE IS IT BETTER TO WAIT A FEW VERSIONS ON BEFORE UPDATING MY MAIN CONCERN IS IF ONE OF THE PROGRAMS HAS A DODGY DRIVER IT WILL RESULT IN SIMILAR PROBLEMS PLEASE GET BACK WITH YOUR THOUGHTS THANKS NEIL:agree::bowdown:
  9. Webslinger

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    Clonedvd should be fine. Anydvd has some bugs.
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    I'm having this exact problem. I also updated, and I ran the reg. mech. no help. If anyone finds out how to fix this, please let me know also. I have tried everything except reformatting and I would rather stay away from that if I can.
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    Update to Clonedvd and Anydvd
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    chkdisk error

    hi , i wiped hardrive and re did my system , then did ghost image backup , however i still havent updated yet , apparently the guys at slysoft have fixed this issue simply update all any dvd and similar to latest versions , as to whether or not it will fix the bugs on your particular system i cant say but try it anyway as they say nothing to lose!:agree: i am holding back updating until next time just to be sure GOOD LUCK