cannot obtain exclusive access to drive

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    I'm actually having the same problem (albeit with CloneCD), but the underlying cause is most likely the same. Would very much like to get it sorted out...:agree:
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    Oh come on! I was simply confirming that I was having the same problem, so the other guy doesn't feel special and nobody will say "since you're the only one who...". Give it a rest for real :)
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    Well I just had the exact same error as well. The error can come up for different reasons, but the cause of the error this time had to due with the software I was trying to backup installing software on my system to prevent it from being copied. I got a new Sony DVD 20X writer with Nero 7 on it. As soon as I inserted the CD I noticed that explorer was acting a little different. It even seemed slower.

    I ignored it and went to back up my Sony install disc with cdclone. It kept telling be it could not obtain exclusive access to drive. So I put in a different CD and it could easily be copied. That made me suspicious. Having past experience with auto load programs trying to install junk, I checked task manager. Sure enough a few extra programs had been installed. I tried to delete them, but a few remained along with the message.

    So I walked over to another computer, downloaded cdclone again. Then I inserted my Sony disc but held my shift key down to prevent the programs from auto loading. CDclone copied it with no problems what so ever. So Sony installed programs that sit there and watch to see if I have the Sony CD installed. I believe it locks the files on the drive by accessing them. That creates a problem for clonecd. If so, it stops me from copying it. It was only 3 or 4 years ago that Sony got busted for installing root kits on peoples hard drives and they were forced to create a fix on line. So it wouldn't surprise me at all if you've installed some software that is stopping you, even if it's not made by sony.

    Sony Root Kit Scandal:
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