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Discussion in 'CloneBD' started by J Min, Dec 3, 2019.

  1. J Min

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    i have not changed any settings on my CloneBD or Anydvd. havent had any problems for over a year. I tried creating a copy of toystorie4 3 times and got an error on my samsung bluray player that says cannot load disc. I thought maybe it was a toystorie4 issue so i tried another movie and got the same error. my pc recognizes the disc but my bluray player wont. i didn't save the log file, so I could re-burn a useless disc if I need to.

    any ideas what changed?
  2. Yarc

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    Can you play any disc in your drive? I doubt Anydvd or CloneBD are the issue, but you can always disable AnyDVD and try again.
  3. J Min

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    So I took your advice and did some experimenting.

    My bluray will play the original toy BD.

    My bluray will not play the clonebd version.

    My xbox will play the copy.

    I took some older bds from clonebd that i know for a fact used to work on my blurday player, and it now says can't load disc.

    i took a 10 year old dvd clonedvd and that worked.

    Why would my bluray player all of the sudden change? why would it say "cannot load disc" when it used to play the disc 6 months ago?

    So i reset it to its factory setting in case there was some software update that was causing the change and still says - cannot load disc. immediately ejecting it.

    Any ideas?
  4. mmdavis

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    Same as a DVD player, there can only be three possibilities:
    1) Laser is slowly dying (or dirty) and doesn't read as good as it used to.
    2) Laser has diminished enough that it doesn't read the blanks you used at the time, but is good enough to read an original since they are pressed and not a dye.
    3) Blanks have degraded a bit and your drive cannot read them any longer.
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  5. coopervid

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    4) Bad blanks that degrade fast
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  6. J Min

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    So mmdavis - any way I am interpreting your post you are saying i probably need a new BD player. My samsung is only like 4 years old, but i guess it could still be bad.

    As long as there isn't some new "cinavia" blocker software installed, it is fixable. As for the blanks I have been using -

    25 pack VERBATIM 6X Blu-Ray BD-R DL Dual Layer 50GB White Inkjet Printable 97334

    I thought they were decent. Is there a different brand I should be targeting as better quality for less degredation?
  7. coopervid

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    Your discs are fine but burning those reliably depends very much on your drive. The drives from LG /ASUS are very good readers for UHD but terrible writers. Pioneer drives are good writers but the writing speed has also to be limited to 4x. I will also provide a link to my post stating that earlier.
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    My suggestion would still be to use a cleaning CD. Nicotine on the laser, for example, is very persistent.
    A dying drive, no matter which manufacturer, always showed up in a few read errors. Later, only DVD and CD were recognized. Reading Blu-Ray causes the most mistakes.