Cannot get whole movie to encode

Discussion in 'CloneDVD mobile' started by atsmob, Sep 1, 2007.

  1. atsmob

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    I’ve tried to get the entire movie “300” on to my Archos 704wifi and have been unable to get the whole movie to play. Only the first 2/3 or so are encoded and then the movie just stops. This seems to be happening to all my new movies. Ant help would be greatly appreciated.
  2. mike20021969

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    are you saying the movie file wont play on the archos unit?
    will the movie file play on your computer?
    or is it that you cannot get clonedvdmobile to encode the entire movie to start with?
  3. atsmob

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    sorry for the lateness of reply Ive been traveling. The movie will play on the computer and the backup that I used to create it from my hard drive has successfully made a DL DVD start to finish with not a single problem. So I think the source files are good. DVD clone mobile says it has successfully completed the operation its just when I go to play it on the Archos it only gets to about 53 min into the movie and then quits. At the bottom of the Archos screen it also is showing that its at the end of its file. Ive tried replacing the original file on the hard drive as well as many different resolution changes and it happens the same way every time.
  4. Peer

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    There is some problem with the timestamping mechanism at the moment.
    It does throw some devices off the track, while others don't mind...
    We'll take a closer look at it...
  5. atsmob

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    any idea when a fix might be available?
  6. Aftrburnr

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    I too am having same problem but on a Zen Vision M 60 GB

    I'll start another thread describing -my- problem but just tried out the latest CloneDVD mobile on 2 different systems and 2 different dvds, same result.

    Movie plays on pc all the way to the end and looks great. Transferred to Zen, movie will not play through all the way to the end. In my case, it stops playing somewhere about 12 minutes from the end of file on both movies. :(
  7. droogiee

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