Cannot create Profil same Problem as SaxRussel

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    Cannot create Profil

    Trying do create a Profil for FIFA05 the following message appears:

    " Not enough disk- space to create the image mode data file" Tryinng to answer this message with a click on the ok button nothing happens. Removing the Window another window appears ( Its the one with the status bar for creating a profil). Clicking on cancel the windows are closing and the messag "Cannot create modal window" appaers.

    Trying to remove the profil not always works ( I´d try these procedur for several time) Mostly I get the message "Acces violation at adress 004053DC in moduke Game jackal exe. Read addresss 6566614B".

    Question: Where does Game jackal save the mode data file. My smallest Partition has at least 2 GB free space? Is this not enough?:)

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    Image mode can use a lot of space... more than 2Gb for a DVD. Try profiling without image mode checked.