Cannot copy VPLST000.XPL ???

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    Love Anydvd HD but I have run into a snag ...

    I am using a X360 drive with Anydvd HD and PDVD 7.3 ...also tried 6.5.

    Well the copy process runs nice and smooth until it is time to copy VPLST000.XPL .... being new to this I have gathered that is the basic layout or playlist of the HD DVD... so without that PDVD errors out.

    When I try to copy this file it says...

    "An unexpected error is preventing the operation.Make a note if this error code blah blah blah.... Error 0x80070570: The file or directory is corrupt and unreadable."

    I am running Vista Ultimate and other than that file I can copy everything from the HD DVD. I have tried Batman Begins and F&F Tokyo Drift and both give the same result.

    I searched and searched but could not come up with anyone else having this issue.

    Any ideas???

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    do you copy the file manually or with anydvd?
    don't try to copy the vplst file manually, it works only if anydvd is disabled.

    XSFSPD New Member

    Thanks! I admit I did not even see the option to have Anydvd copy the disc for me I was just dragging and dropping the files manually!

    Thanks again!