Cannot Access Files on D: Drive

Discussion in 'CloneDVD' started by rkaczano, Jan 8, 2018.

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    All of a sudden today I cannot seem to access my D drive on my PC when attempting to burn one of the DVDs that I own. I am simply ripping the DVD into the TS Audio/Video file on my hard drive.

    When I choose the source I get an error message stating that it cannot access the folder on the D: drive. However, I can access this drive via Windows Explorer (Win 7) and AnyDVD clearly runs in the background when the DVD is in the disc tray. I also get other alerts highlighting that the drive is being read (i.e. Power DVD launches and reads the disc and MyMovies identifies the disc and pulls the appropriate DVD art). Note I am running Clone DVD (Slysoft version). This was working fine last week and and all of a sudden it now not working.

    I just recently updated my AnyDVD to the RedFox version (from the Slysoft version). I am wondering if this issue is occurring as I need to update the Clone DVD (Slysoft version) to Clone DVD2 (Red Fox version).

    Any ideas?
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    Could you post a screenshot of the last CloneDVD screen (where you select your output) and how it is configured as it currently is (and giving you problems). There is no CloneDVD slysoft version nor RedFox version. CloneDVD2 is exclusively developed by Elaborate Bytes (Elby). The only thing slysoft was for CloneDVD2 was a licensed reseller (issue licenses). No more, no less. It had nothing to do with development.

    Please also post an anydvd logfile from a random disc.