Can you play 4K UHD with Amd Processor and UHD Friendly Driver?

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    Hello I plan to buy the product on the link.

    (WH14S40 is referred to as unofficial UHD Is it true? )

    A user found a notification as follows. I will probably have this firmware on my product.

    " Ordered November 2019, shipped and sold by Amazon. Drive was manufactured May 2019, came with firmware 1.04, SVC Code NS50 "

    My Pc Settings ;

    AMD Ryzen 5 2600x

    Msi Bazooka B450 V2

    32 GB RAM

    Nvidia RTX 2060 ASUS ROG Graphich Card.

    Do you think you can buy the product on the link and install UHD friendly firmware and read the discs with Windows Anydvd with VLC or any 4K UHD Bluray player? I don't want to rip. My goal is to play the disc smoothly with 4K uhd bluray player (PC).

    Or should I buy this product? I don't want to copy and rip. Play only.

    Thankyou for support.
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    Wrong section not an uhd disc problem. moved to drive discussion

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  3. Jeff R 1

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    Any one of those drives should work as a friendly drive if it's crossed flashed to a version to make them friendly, see this thread.
    And as you know the SVC code has to be NS50.
    Once the drive is made friendly, it doesn't matter what processor or video card you use in general, although I prefer NVIDIA myself _ it's what I'm used too, I never liked Radeon's control panel.
    Your RTX 2060 will be good.
    The video card has to be new enough to natively decode H.265 on the fly as well.

    I don't use VLC to play 4K Blu-rays, although I have read that it's much improved, I use MPC-BE.

    With that said, if I had to start all over again, I would just go out and buy a stand-alone 4K player.
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