can you install AnyDVD HD on PS3

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  1. Have recently bought PS3 (upgraded to 1.7) - I am looking for a solution that will allow me to watch any region SD DVDs on it. At the moment it is telling me that I can't watch non-region 4 discs (I am in Australia). If not AnyDVD is there another solution? Thanks in advance.
  2. Charlie

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    Not for the use of a PS3 there isn't unless you use a computer to make a backup first.
  3. So if I ripped out of region DVDs to file and then loaded them onto the PS3 hard-drive this would work?
  4. mick2006

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    The problem with playing files on the PS3 is that they must be smaller than 4gb, due to the FAT32 system that the PS3 uses. In other words, there is no way at the moment (at least that I know of) to play ripped blu ray files on the PS3 hard disk or by hooking up a hard drive via USB.
  5. clareman

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    what you mean, is there is no way to play the .m2ts streams...because you CAN play the "ripped" bluray streams as long as you split the file into remuxed 4GB chunks...
  6. deaacs

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    For less then the price of AnyDVD you can pick up a cheap DVD player from wollies, maybe that's your best solution?