Can you hide titles you never want to see or have already seen?

Discussion in 'AnyStream' started by Tanquen, Sep 19, 2020.

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    Can you hide titles you never want to see or have already seen so you can find stuff you do want to see? This is my biggest issue with all the streaming sites. I’m old and slow and it takes mw forever to find something I’ve not seen that I want to see because Netflix moves stuff around and keeps showing stuff to me even if rated thumbs down. I would pay for an app that could manage all the shows from all the streaming sites and I could look at them in one place and remove stuff I don’t want to see.
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    There is no such functionality at the moment.
    Basically, AnyStream is merely a downloader application and depends on what it is presented by Amazon/Netflix. We do strive to improve user experience as much as possible but there may still be limitations.
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    That is understandable, not really what this app is about and maybe I'm the only one but I can't really tell you in words how much I hate that about all the steaming sites. Forcing you to continually wade through all their shows or the ones they want you to watch while trying to hide how few shows they have in hopes that you not cancel the service.

    Again, I’d pay a reasonable annual fee to have an app or site that could manage all the streaming sites and keep track of shows that you have seen and let you hide stuff you don’t want to ever see. Simple basic data tracking and filtering. Don’t have to have reviews but it would be great to rate up or down shows, season and episodes. Netflix removed theirs and lied and said no one use them but they did not like their shows getting a bunch of bad reviews in app and then no one watching them.

    Like put in “quality/popular” science fiction and the filter would show you:

    American Gods on (what is it on Starz?) and

    The Boys on Prime and

    Star Trek: Picard on CBS All Access and

    Battlestar Galactica on Peacock

    Only the first season of Altered Carbon because you have rightfully rated season 2 thumbs down or marked it hidden and

    The Mandalorian on Disney+

    but not Stranger Things on Netflix if you have marked it as something you don’t want to see or marked watch and there are no new episodes.

    Maybe even keep track of shows you want on each service and let you know when there is a deal to be had you can stop paying for one service and move to another for a time to watch a new set of shows.

    I just don’t know how folks can put up with the way the streaming services treat them. Netflix added a new section but they can’t control themselves enough to not mess with that. Almost daily they’ll reorder shows in the list.
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    Search filters were requested and are on the to-do list.