can some one help me with ROCKY BALBOA DVD

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    there should be nothing wrong with it i backed up balboa today using newest versions of anydvd and clondvd2 got menus movie and all plays great
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    Since that is a full size DVD burner why not just install a DVD-Rom drive and read from that and then burn using that burner.
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    sorry - I shoulda mentioned that I have a DVD-rom/reader/writer installed on my HP already - the lightscribe is extra to make backing up my originals faster. Neither reader recognises the dvd's - that's the main problem.
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    I backed it up just fine

    I purchased this movie when it came out and backed it up to see
    if I encountered any problems. No problems at all. It backed up the full menu and all extras.

    I was using anydvd along with dvd shrink 3.2

    Created a folder called Rocky Balboa
    I right clicked on the anydvd icon in the tray and chose "rip to hard disk"
    the folder will be about 8 GB uncompressed.
    Next I created a 2nd folder giving it a different title "Rocky_Balboa"

    Run DVD-Shrink on the uncompressed folder and have it save the compressed version to the 2nd folder.

    I used Nero Express ver 6 to back the compressed version to dvd.

    Final results = :clap:

    I have also been able to back up Grudge 2 and Open Season. I use Roxio Easy DVD copy(I purchased this for about 39.99 2 years ago at Best Buy and it has more than paid for itself) Use this program to back up the original dvd to a folder. It will compress itself while it writes it to the folder. Then I use Nero to write it to DVD-R or +R media.

    Nero will give you some error messages while it starts but I ignore them and continue and so far everything copies fine.
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