Can RedFox avoid the fate of SlySoft? If so, how, and for how long?

Discussion in 'Purchase and License Keys' started by Bruce Reid, May 22, 2016.

  1. Ch3vr0n

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    True but most of them don't do it 'on the fly' ;-)
  2. Joe C

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    I have no issue for clicking one button to get it done. Why is "on the fly" so great?
    I open a program, pop my disk in, point to where I want it saved and click the drive icon and it goes. (at the same speed my drive can run)
  3. Ch3vr0n

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    Mainly because it speeds up a lot of things. Take your bdinfo for example. Previously you've always ripped first, then use that thing on the rip. Using it directly on the disc saves that time. Then there's the settings changes. Say you change an anydvd program setting, normally you'd rip with the changed settings and then play that rip to see the modified effect. With 'on the fly', you don't have to. You change the setting, you launch a player like powerdvd and you can immediately see the changed effect,... all without having to rip first. Huge speed advantage.
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  4. ddjmagic

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    You can play (or whatever you want to do) straight from the disc with any software, without having to rip first.
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  5. nebostrangla

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    That's got to be the one feature of anyDVDHD that sooooo many people fail to understand or use and also subtitle transparency
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  6. nebostrangla

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    Mostly NOT having the same content on my HDD twice and changes to anyDVDHD settings are "instantly" available to me.
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  7. Joe C

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    Those are great features, but I've never had a need to use it. I've always ripped straight to my video folder on my hdd. Never used Power DVD. VLC has been and still is my choice of player. I mean that's the reason I used Any DVD for, for backing up my dvd collection and being able to use a third party program to convert the format for my tv
  8. nebostrangla

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    Can you not point VLC to the drive containing the "decrypted" disc I mean I would hate to have to re rip something because I had the wrong settings selected or it not handled correctly it does happen from time to time.
    But to each his own.
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  9. Joe C

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    not sure by what your meaning is in that statement. You can use anything you want to play whatever format that player has the capability to play it. VLC does not require any particular settings. I do not have a blue ray player, and my pc does not have a blue ray drive, My tv plays videos with an mpeg2 format and I can use VLC for the same format should I decide to watch a flick on my pc. I stream video wireless from my pc to my smart tv in another room (using Samsung Link software)
    I do not want to shuffle a bunch of disks around or have them littering up my living/media room. I create folders and keep them in a video folder on my hard drive. That's my best option for me personally, your options may vary with mileage
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  10. Joe C

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    I do not know what other folks used Any DVD for, but for me it was only to rip/decrypt and store the video file on my pc, so I can do what I want with my dvd video anyway I want to, without being hand cuffed by the MPAA or the govt. I'm totally for fair use and that's why I use the software that I use
  11. wayne1938

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    I have had AnyDVD and Clone DVD2 for years and they have worked great. But the statement that there is nothing out there better is not true when it comes to copying BD. I have another BD copying program that does just as good if not better, easier to use for less money.
    I will be buying AnyDVDHD and CloneBD once the dust settles with the RedFox change just as a backup plan.
  12. RedFox 1

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    If you think its better thats all that counts. And thank you for excellent back up plan.
  13. HomerGB

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    Do I sense a bit of sarcasm in your reply?...:sneaky:
  14. dartfever

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    @Joe C: VLC Player is a great program for playing DVDs, but it is not very flexible in playing Blu-ray discs. Whenever a Blu-ray disc is selected from an optical drive, the "no disc menu" box is checked automatically. Uncheck the box, select a Blu-ray, and most of the time it will fail to load. Makes it difficult to view the extras without playing the individual m2ts files through the STREAM folder directly. PowerDVD, WINDVD, and TotalMedia Theatre do not have that issue, but each has their own annoying limitations. Best regards, Dana
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    Joe C was told to permanently vacate these premises yesterday, so he might still read these Forum threads, or not.

  16. dartfever

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    No problem. May be of help to others contemplating using the mostly-excellent VLC Media Player. I don't think there is a perfect Blu-ray player for the PC, at least from what I have experienced. Okay, no more off-topic stuff.
  17. Clams

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    Don't go so fast.
    If your good with VLC, you'll no doubt be quite useful in the 3rd Party and Hi-Def software forums here.
    And once again, you can thank AACS LA for making playback of Blu-Ray so troublesome to begin with.
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    Like he said you could be of use there over there in 3rd party forum.
    I use PDVD 9 I know it's old but with anyDVDHD running it works I also use speedmenu on Java based disc's helps alot with Redbox rental's hidden bonus content and does something my standalone won't pass DTS thru my tv have to do spdif out to receiver with that. But like you said to each his own. But is really where the value of my license is to me until I start messing with this Roku 3 I have sitting here.
  19. Recycle

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    That would be a matter of opinion here. I got a BD player software on my computer to play BD media-hate to burst that bubble that has no problem playing BD movies or backup BD movies.