Can RedFox avoid the fate of SlySoft? If so, how, and for how long?

Discussion in 'Purchase and License Keys' started by Bruce Reid, May 22, 2016.

  1. Bruce Reid

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    I would first like to thank the RedFox team for its diligent efforts to preserve the availability of the valuable AnyDVD HD software!

    I have owned a SlySoft lifetime license since early 2011, and I am grateful for the value I have derived from the use of AnyDVD HD. It has allowed me to box up all my original media, and stow it in the garage, making it possible to stream movies from my server, at a moment’s notice, without having to scrounge through a dusty cabinet full of discs, multiple layers deep.

    I was very sad on the day I prepared to rip a new movie I had acquired, only to find that AnyDVD could not access the server needed to make the copy. When I went to the SlySoft website to explore the problem, I was stunned to see the one-sentence notice that the company had shut down. I was completely unaware of the legal battle that had apparently been waged for some time prior to the closure, and I am still a bit surprised that there was no attempt to make existing users (and prospective new license purchasers) aware of the impending doom!

    I found another acceptable (though slightly inferior) method to rip the contents of my new disc, solving my immediate problem. But, I wanted to see if there was any viable replacement for the preferred AnyDVD. My search led me to discover a seemingly similar product offered by a Chinese company, and I planned to download it for evaluation, but I chose to wait until my next movie purchase, to get the greatest potential use of the product during the eval period. In the interim, and to my surprise, I received a notice that there was an AnyDVD update available, and through that link, I was led to the RedFox site. I have been happily using AnyDVD since then.

    When I prepared to rip another new disc today, I learned that the AnyDVD “lifetime” license will expire at the end of this month. So, I am faced with the same decision as many other users; either cough up $$$ for another AnyDVD license (and if so, should I choose an annual one, or another “lifetime” one), or should I seek a different solution.

    That brings me to the matter of what is implied by a “lifetime license”. That term is clearly subject to much interpretation. I expect it means one thing to the company offering the license, and perhaps something quite different to a user considering the purchase. When I bought the SlySoft license, I don’t think I took adequate time to carefully consider the implication of that term, but I do believe I expected it would be longer than five years. Sill, given the price of the license at that time, and the value I have derived from its use, I feel it was money well spent.

    But now that I’m faced with the choice of buying another “lifetime license”, I am a bit more cautious. I am not privy to the various legal details that led to SlySoft’s downfall, or to those that might face RedFox in the future. In fact, it seems conceivable that RedFox may already be engaged in a similar legal battle of its own, even as I consider spending more of my $$ to purchase a new license. After all, I was never made aware of the SlySoft battle until after it had been lost.

    So, getting to the fine point of my post, does RedFox hope to avoid the legal battle that led to the demise of SlySoft? If not, why not? If so, how soon might that happen, and does RedFox believe it can win the battle that SlySoft lost?

    As I said earlier, my search for a suitable replacement for AnyDVD led me to a Chinese product that could prove acceptable, though I have still not evaluated it to make that determination. Since both products offer “lifetime” licenses, and are priced fairly comparably, I would be interested to hear any opinions about whether the Chinese company has a better chance to withstand the pressures that might be brought to bear against it by United States agencies, than RedFox will be able to do under the same conditions?

    Much thanks for any insight into this complicated matter!
  2. Ch3vr0n

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    Please use the search, there's been quite a few topics this past few days asking the exact same thing. To put it simple, yes they're taking steps to avoid a repeat. No, they're not going to tell you what they are. That would defeat their purpose.

    Fact, already engaged in battle? I'd love to see your sources.

    Not notified? There have been quite a few news messages on the forum both shortly after the shutdown as well as longer after, as well as on several news websites.

    As to that Chinese alternative, dvdfab discussions do not belong in redfox specific forum sections. Use the third party section for that.

    That should deal with everything you asked..
  3. Bruce Reid

    Bruce Reid New Member

    I did conduct some searching prior to my post. In fact, while preparing to submit the post, a handful of other posts were presented as possible answers to my question(s). I reviewed them. The result of all of that was a failure to find the specific answers I'm seeking. Perhaps my searches didn't focus on the best keywords, or whatever. But I don't appreciate the assumption that I didn't attempt to find answers before submitting my post. If the purpose of your admonition to "Please use the search" is to help me find the answers I seek (as opposed to simply scold me for not searching), then perhaps some references to the titles of relevant posts would be more helpful than simply chastising me for not searching first.

    My post did not claim any knowledge that RedFox is already engaged in battle. I simply said that it is conceivable that is the case. That means it is within the realm of possibility. I have no sources claiming that as a matter of fact, and I did not post anything to that effect. I am simply concerned as a prospective customer, considering the purchase of a new license, because I don't want to be confronted after a week, or a month, that my license has again been rendered worthless. Certainly that is a reasonable concern, isn't it?

    Again, my original post has not been properly understood. I did not say or imply that there was no notification shortly after (or long after) the SlySoft shutdown. My point is that as a lifetime license holder, and long-term user of AnyDVD, I was never notified that a legal battle was occurring, or that there was a danger that the license could be rendered worthless in the near future. Certainly, those SlySoft employees or agents dealing with the Company's legal matters must have known for some time that there was an imminent risk of a shutdown. As a current license holder, it would have been a nice courtesy to receive some notice prior to the shutdown, so it wouldn't have been such a shock. And those customers who purchased licenses days or weeks or months before the shutdown certainly deserved to be warned.

    There is a statement following your reply that
    . When considering the purchase of this new license, I am simply seeking assurance that the new situation with RedFox is substantially different than that of SlySoft, to make me feel comfortable that the same experience is less likely to occur. That, after all, is the main purpose of my original post. I'm not certain the assurance I'm seeking can come from someone who states clearly that

    I'll be happy to confine my discussions of that alternative product to a different 'section', if I know how to do that. I'm not sure what you meant by "third party section". When view the home page, the list of available forums does not include one with any mention of "third party". Could you please clarify?
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  4. Ch3vr0n

    Ch3vr0n Translator NL & Mod

    Yes it does, third party products, bottom of the forum.

    That said, I can tell you you're not going to get much better answers. And you're definitely not getting details as to which measures they're taking to avoid a repeat. As said that would defeat their entire purpose. The guarantees you're asking for, those don't exist. There are no guarantees in life, they can't guarantee something won't happen days or years from now as much as you cant guarantees you won't die in your sleep tonight. The developers and support staff also have much more important things to deal with than constantly answering the same questions over and over again in different topics.
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  5. mmdavis

    mmdavis Well-Known Member

    You are wanting answers to questions that no one can possibly answer. No one can predict the future. You have no assurance that your money won't be worthless tomorrow, you have no assurance that a catastrophe won't occur, and you have no assurance that you will wake up tomorrow.

    No Third Party Section...really? Redfox 3rd Party.jpg
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  6. Joe C

    Joe C Member

    I've never heard of that method of promoting sales used that way before. I have not received an email from RedFox for upgrading to a new license, were supposed to get an email?
  7. mmdavis

    mmdavis Well-Known Member

    Don't know what that has to do with the OPs subject, but I didn't get an email about upgrading either. That did not stop me from doing so however.
  8. Clams

    Clams Well-Known Member

    Regarding that "Chinese product"?
    All I can say is that the new team was wise to set up the actual HQ in Belize and not China.
    China, is the major trading partner to the US, and therefor much more succeptable to US pressure. (Should the US chose to make it a "big deal".)
    That Chinese company itself? It has a very suspicious reputation for following in AnyDVD's footsteps in cracking new protections. So much so that I suspect a total failure in AnyDVD could bring them down too.
    (Not that anyone has ever suggested before that Chinese firms rip off others technology on a daily basis. LOL!)
    So I'm willing to bet on the Redfox team. The old owner is out of the picture, and for the lack of a better phrase.... "The lunatics are now running the whole asylum." Heh.
    If this thing fails... There is no fallback position, no "do over" etc. It's just over.
    So ya - I'd put money on this horse.
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  9. Bruce Reid

    Bruce Reid New Member

    Of course, no one can guarantee the future. I don't require your condescension to realize that. However, there are probabilities, and those can be measured and compared. Insurance companies make a common practice of such assessments.

    All I am seeking is information concerning the viability of RedFox's operations in Belize, compared to the circumstances that led to SlySoft's downfall. It would also help to know why Belize was chosen as a point of operation; what factors make the circumstances in Belize safer than those where SlySoft was operating? In a previous reply, the following statement was made:

    That statement doesn't make total sense to me. For example, if conditions in Belize render a company such as RedFox more resistant to external legal pressure, then the simple act of stating that to be the case, and offering some explanation of why it is so, certainly cannot cause the fact to magically become false. If RedFox hopes to sell software licenses, which clearly seems to be the case, and if many potential customers have, like me, been recently saddened to find themselves the holder of a lifetime license that is now null and void, then it would seem only reasonable to offer some assurance that the new situation is marginally / considerably different that before, along with whatever details are safe to reveal, to explain why that is the case (and preferably, those statements should come without the qualification that "I am not a RedFox employee...") That would fulfill my purpose for posting here.

    I am here on this site because I would like to purchase a new AnyDVD license, and I am simply seeking legitimate information to convince me that doing so will not likely soon prove to be a waste of money. If I was not hoping to be convinced of that, I would not be here; I would simply purchase that other competing product, and move on. And once again, I am not asking for a guarantee, but rather some simple, legitimate evidence that the investment is presently sound, and that it will likely remain so for the foreseeable future. My interest is neither complicated nor unreasonable.
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  10. Ch3vr0n

    Ch3vr0n Translator NL & Mod

    The information you're seeking is exactly what they can't tell you. No matter how many times you're going to ask, you're not going to get the steps told they take to perfect themselves as well as the project. That's not going to happen. It makes perfect sense. If they tell a normal user, they might as well call up the MPAA/aacs-la directly and go 'hey guys, you remember slysoft? Well anydvd is back, this is who we are and you can find us at ...'

    You're not going to get any different answers, the info your asking for you're not going to get. Not ever. Every piece of info that can be disclosed has been made available.

    The 'legitimate evidence' you're not getting, and guarantees don't exist in life.
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  11. Clams

    Clams Well-Known Member

    I have a bit of "evidence" - though circumstantial and subject to interpretation.
    If you do a little research on Belize; You'll see that since it's independence from the British Commonwealth, it's not really much of anything - and known mostly for natural habitat.
    It's not not all that subject to US influence. It is a UN member. But in order to be subject to US pressure, you need to be "getting" something substantial from the US first. They are not a real US "trading partner". Also in recent years, US aid there has averaged a paltry 2.x million.
    Most of this is military aid. And such aid to Belize, like most of Central America, is largely focused on curbing the illegal drug trade. :)
    One of the biggest pitfalls that Slysoft fell into, was failing to see "the writing on the wall" as the suits and pressure built up against the Antiguan operation. I highly suspect our new team knows that, and likely has (or will have) a "Plan B location" just in case Belize somehow gets pressured into giving them the boot.
    The only real alternative to Redfox is the infamous "Blue Monkey". They are in China. And China is a major US trading partner. In this regard - I'd bet that the MPAA-LA (via the US) could more easily target a Chinese operation with some expectation of success, before one based in Belize.
    On the above reasoning, and knowing the people now in charge, - I'm willing to gamble 100 clams on the Fox.
    YES - there is some gambling involved here. No one can assure you otherwise.
    If you prefer to hedge your bet, as opposed to going "all in", get a 1 year license and take the "wait and see" approach.
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  12. autodrivel

    autodrivel New Member

    I suspect a lot of ex-SlySoft license holders will take the 1Yr license approach.
    It isn't a lack of faith in the Company, more a pragmatic stance. If the company is still going after a year, then pitch in for the lifetime license - if it has folded then the monetary loss is about half that of of lifetime license
  13. Joe C

    Joe C Member

    Clams, I do not understand why you think that this "blue monkey" and Any DVD are the only kids on the block and can decrypt. There really are other alternatives out there. I can not make up my mind as to yet support RedFox, I will wait it out to see if they stick around before I cough up my hard earned dollars. I know very well that is very pessimistic but burned once...twice shy
  14. mike20021969

    mike20021969 Well-Known Member

    Can they decrypt on the fly though?
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  15. Joe C

    Joe C Member

    Of course, and open source and free too. It's what I've decided to use in the interm, Considering decision of whether or not to continue support of the new RedFox
  16. Clams

    Clams Well-Known Member

    It's "wait and see" now?
    Just a couple days ago you started you posting career here re. Redfox. Unless you've got a better understanding now of the current situation perhaps?
    Considering one of your first posts on this forum was this; in response to a clear joke by Ivan hoping that everyone "buys 10 licenses for 5 machines"

    Joe C. posted
    is that pure greed or what??
    I mean these folks sold 1000's & 1000's of $100.+ licenses when they were slysoft and are probably living much better than we expect, now they want even more?

    Yep.... sound like you're really in "wait and see'" mode there. (cough)


    PS: Ya - I should have said "no brainer easy to use product". I'm aware of the others, though "on the fly" is a but of a stretch for them.

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  17. Joe C

    Joe C Member

    That was not my first post here at this forum, My first posts were deleted along with a multitude of many other posts that Cheveron did not like. My first post questioned the legal copyright of using Any DVD from another company, and yes, I do believe the peeps from Redfox are better off financially than I am
  18. RedFox 1

    RedFox 1 Super Moderator

    There is nothing out there that can decrypt BD+ and work as good as RedFox AnyDVDHD, you want to waste you money, by all means, do so. Not Blue Monkeys or any monkeys.
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  19. mike20021969

    mike20021969 Well-Known Member

    Thanks for the PM. It's clear you don't understand what "on the fly" means.
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  20. Clams

    Clams Well-Known Member

    Oh good! I'm glad you came into their home with so many words of support.
    Shame I missed them all. :D