Can NETFLIX movies convert to AVI?

Discussion in 'Mobile Devices' started by mustang2gt, Feb 3, 2008.

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  1. mustang2gt

    mustang2gt New Member

    I am thinking of signing up for on line downloading of NETFLIX and want to know if it is possible to convert this down load to AVI for use on my portable ARCHOS. Appreciate any advise provided
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    Rental discussion is not allowed here


    The idea behind AnyDVD is that the OWNER of a LEGALLY BOUGHT DVD has the right to PROTECT HIS OR HER PROPERTY*. This includes the BACKING UP of said PROPERTY.
    Using or promoting the use of ILLEGAL DOWNLOAD SITES and the COPYING of RENTED DVD's are NOT SUPPORTED.
    This topic along with that of CRACKS is NOT TO BE TOLERATED!"

    Thread closed :policeman:
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