Can Ipaq 3115 Be used?

Discussion in 'CloneDVD mobile' started by steenbaah, Feb 19, 2007.

  1. steenbaah

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    I own a HP Ipaq Pocket PC with a SD slot running windows mobile 2003. Can I use clone dvd moble to convert my movies to a format that will work with it? I have pocket TV pro and windows media player on the device. If anyone can help much thanks.
  2. dtsig

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    I have a ipaq 6315 and use coreplayer. I play avi files as i rip all my files to that format for display on several devices. I have had no problem

    I note on the site for pocket TV pro that it supports avi and mpeg so you should not have any problems.

    I would suggest that you use their free trial before buying
  3. steenbaah

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    I ended up using pocket mvp to play videos and it works great. My pocket tv pro would not open avi files, it olny works with mpeg 1 files.
    Thanks again for the reply
  4. dtsig

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    Did you ask the people at pocket TV why it didn't work?
  5. gearup4glory

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    Pocket PC and .avi files

    I use TCPMP player for .avi files and they work great! It's FREE too.

    In the past, I was converting to .avi and syncing them to my device to play them on Windows Media Player Mobile, but that was too much time/work. TCPMP played the .avi files right off and eliminated the sync'ing step for me. I get the same quality video too.