Can I use the same key on two pcs?

Discussion in 'Purchase and License Keys' started by bacillus, May 28, 2016.

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    Sorry if this has been asked before.
    I presently use the latest version of Redfox AnyDVD on my desktop pc with a lifetime licence.
    I'm due to go away for a few weeks and will be taking my laptop with me. My question is can I install AnyDVD on my laptop with the same licence bearing in mind that the two pcs will never try to access the server at the same time.
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    Wrong section, the anydvd sections are reserved for disc problems. Moved to license section.

    To answer the question, yes you can. Nothing has changed in the license policy in that regard.
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    You can BUT if you regularly use both you should have keys for both especially now
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    I purchased bundled together two RedFox AnyDVD licenses, received only one key file. So yes, I can install and register AnyDVD on two different computers.

    If you purchased only one license the End User License Agreement states you can install one license on one computer.

    SlySoft had an informal policy with single licenses being allowed to be installed on more than one machine, as long as AnyDVD is running on only ONE machine at a time. Even if it were "idle." The informal policy also was to not install on more than 2-3 machines. That informal policy has been confirmed with RedFox.

    The developers would LIKE each machine running AnyDVD to have a separate license, they have become seriously addicted to eating and paying bills.

    I originally had two SlySoft licenses. My usage of AnyDVD is on one machine only 99.999% of the time, but I decided to buy two RedFox licenses again so I don't have to worry about which PC I use to do my watching/DVD-Bluray backups.

    The current bundling pricing, combined with the 20% discount made buying two new licenses less painful.

    I wish I didn't have to buy new licenses, but the US government and AACS-LA made sure that wasn't an option.
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    This is also my plan, but the US/AACS-LA seems to tell us the highway or the bigger highway.