Can I clone XBOX 360 Games?

I think CCD can copy X Box 360 games but you need a mod chip or a modified firmware.
It's a lot harder than just using CloneCD.

I'm haven't done it myself, yet I've backed up many xbox 1 games before for my modded box.

You have to hook up the 360's dvd drive to your PC using a SATA cable. Then you create a boot disk with a flash utility (mtkflash) on it along with a hacked firmware specially designed for windows. Boot with this disk and flash the drive. Insert the game disc into the 360's drive. Now boot to windows and the drive should be recognized. Use a program called dvdinfoPRO to send the drive custom SCSI commands to extract the security sector from the disc. Save the security sector to a bin file. Extract the game image using isobuster. Use a custom batch file (build360.bat) to merge the security sector and the game image. Burn the image to a DVD+R DL with the booktype set to DVD-ROM. You must have a bitsetting capable burner for this. Now use mtkflash to flash the orignal hacked (non-windows) firmware back to the drive and test your backup.

Keep in mind you have to flash the stock 360 (hitachi-LG model) drive with a hacked firmware before you can even do this. It involves extracting the original firmware, extracting a special key from it using KDX v1.5, then injecting the special key into the hacked firmware and flashing this new firmware to the 360 drive. Then you'll be able to boot backups using the above method.

I know what you're thinking. This is very complicated. I would suggest waiting around for an easier method to be created. It does show you that the best minds are working on this and should have a better method eventually.
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