Can Clone CD be used to Make Playable Game Disc Images?


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Can Clone CD Image Files be used with Virtual Drive software to avoid having to put game CD's/DVD's in every time you want to play a game?

If yes what steps are involved? Is there an easier way to do this with other software?

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Short answser: No

all new games are protected with online drm (steam,origin). for all newer protections like safedisc you ned software like:

alcohol 120%
daemon tools

because newer protections needs a pysical emulation (RMPS (recordable media pysical emulation)

clonecd is the best choise for audio discs, if you like to copy a game with scecurom, protect disc, tages...... is alcohol you choice.

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Clone CD is certainly supposed to be able to do that in many cases.
What extra features does "alcohol 120% oder daemon tools" have?