Can anything "unset" region?

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    I ask because I am extremely puzzled. I have an old computer which is used almost exclusively for ripping, storing and serving my DVDs. I have done perhaps 200 on it. Yet this morning I woke it and stuck in a DVD and kept getting "CSS Protected" errors I'd never gotten. I scratched my head a bit and tried a second disc from the set. Same issue. Hit the forum and took the first clue about checking my region code which now read 0. Never thought to look since I'd been using it so long. Been so long I can't even swear, but I sure thought I had set it. Can't figure out how I could have ripped so many DVDs if it wasn't set. Yet I can't figure out how it could have gotten "unset". No software changes. Not even Wupdates or reboots. Just sleeping and waking for months.

    Just wondering if anyone else has had similar encounters and found a cause so I can prevent future occurrences?

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    If it sais region 0, you've never set it in the first place. ALL drives come with region 0 by default. Drive region is stored at the firmware level, and no, nothing can unset a region.
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    Thx for responding.

    I understand (and appreciate) what you say. But then how could I have successfully ripped so many CSS protected discs without having a problem? I am just VERY curious. I had never paid attention (never seemed to need to), but I would guess most (if not all) of my DVDs are RC1, as were the ones that triggered the problem this morning. I'm just trying to understand why I would suddenly have a problem. Can most discs be ripped with an RC0 drive and I just bumped into some that couldn't for some reason?
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    region code 1 is irrelevant when it comes to triggering the message. The only thing that matters is if your drive has a region assigned. No more, no less. Region 2-8 can trigger the "error" just as much as region 1 can. It all depends on how succesful anydvd is bruteforce cracking the CSS keys with an unset region. There's no such thing as an RC 0 drive. 0 = UNASSIGNED and is completely different from region: free. With an unset region it's not a matter of IF that message will appear but WHEN. It's only a matter of time, sooner or later anydvd will encounter a title where it can't crack the css without a properly assigned region. That's it, there are no other possibilities.

    To properly set your region: EXIT anydvd COMPLETELY! (The fox tray icon can NOT be active) then go into device manager, pull the drive's properties and set the region.
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    It does help if you post the log file for the problem disc so they can look into it that would be the start of the diagnosis of the problem. As mentioned having your Drive Region set will help eliminate problem associated with not having a Region Set on the Drive itself. Drive Region "0" could be the start of your problem beyond bad media or failing drive. Without a more complete drive history we're shooting in the dark here.
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    That's pretty much it. AnyDVD is "really good" at brute force CSS decoding. But it's not supposed to have to work that way.
    Sooner or later (in your case) a disc or set of discs comes along where not having the region set will bite you.
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