Can AnyDVD remove the HDCP if capturing from an external source, other than a disc?

Discussion in 'AnyDVD HD (Blu-ray issues)' started by matrixx, Feb 18, 2008.

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    I have a separate pc hooked into my home theatre for viewing all my DVD collection, either from disc or from the HD uncompressed. I do get HD from satellite, but at the moment no means of capturing HD material. I'm looking at a few video capture cards, Black Magic as well as the Canopus. Both will do the job, but not for the HDCP. So back to my question if any DVD will or can do the CP issue? I know the software is geared for disc decryption, but can't hurt to ask about HDCP? Any help would be appreciated.
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    AnyDVD does not remove HDCP protection from the discs, it simply removes the need for it. So no, it will not help capturing from an HDCP source. Your only choice for that is some kind of HDCP stripping device, which I believe do exist, but are subject to revocation, much like AnyDVD is with AACS.
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    I know how or what ANY DVD does in regards to discs, but I guess could have stated the question better. You did answer my question though, so thanks. I will start looking around for the required software. Muchly appreciated. I like the red pill/blue pill part, but I guess that would kind of go with my name and email. Thanks again.
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    Matrixx, let me know if you find something.. I would love to know how since I need to find a way to capture Big Ten Network in HD.

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    HD from an outside source

    Not a problem. I know this forum is for Any DVD, and as long as they don't have an objection to it, I will post it if someone has not beaten me to it. I know most of the media I deal with is on disc, but I would love to be able to capture HD from an outside source.
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    Just be careful what you buy. I've never seriously looked for these things, but I'm sure they have to be expensive. And as I said, HDCP has revocation too, so make sure the keys the device uses are updateable, otherwise it will be just a waste of money. Slysoft is nice enough to give us free updates to their software (Thanks guys! :bowdown:) but other shady companies may not be so generous.
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    Good Advice

    Thanks, but I do that anyway in regards to any hardware or software, more so when it involves my home theatre set up. If I do it, I usually only want to do it once, even if that means waiting. If there is nothing out there yet that is affordable, there will be eventually. Same as DVDs, it's just a matter of time, as our host would most likely agree on. HDTV signals are just starting to become more main stream for the average Joe, so if it's only software that is stopping it for now, then as in most everything else, if there is a lock, someone will come up with the key or keys. Thanks again though. Advice is always appreciated.
    Would not be surprised if you see SlySoft eventually getting into it if there is that much of a demand, which I’m sure there will be.