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    I live in the US, and I have EVERY right under the DMRA to bi-pass and copy my legally obtained and owned media without paying a fee. Its called Fair use... I don't and wont pay MORE for the ability to copy a media that I legally own (and that is suggested in the article), when according to the law I am able to copy my media without their permission. This article is a Joke, and their Ideas are a half witted attempt to prevent the ultimate concussion thats coming. (more on this later)

    Wake up Cyberlink, ATI, NVidia, The Movie Industry, and everyone else... The cats out of the bag (AGAIN), we can decode your DVD's... Give up on the copyright protection attempts, and start giving your legitimate users what they really want and have a right to. Easy, unobtrusive access to legally obtained content. DRM is a joke... Over and Over again, we see one attempt after another fail.

    Are these people stupid? Don't they realize they live in a country that has free speech. Free Speech = Free Information. Free Information means that copyright's are for people who want to and see value in the information they get. DRM hurts the legitimate owners of content, not the individuals download and mass distribute media.

    Do they really think that by adding an HDCP requirement to all video cards in order to play HD/BR DVD's that it will increase their Media Sales? Maybe toss on a HDMI 1.2 or 1.3 requirement to all DVD players sold. That would really make people run out and buy new AV Receivers, TV's, and ofcourse Media Readers. Charge licensees on the software that plays their products, making it difficult and expensive to buy poorly developed, badly implemented, and totally obtrusive software (like powerDVD). Wait, Let me rush out and spend my thousands so that I can pay $20 a pop for a 2 hour movie. Blue Ray and HD-DVD? Are you joking me? I have to own TWO DVD Players to play all HD Movies? Are you insaine...

    (now the part I mentioned above) Democrats have both houses of Congress, and the Republicans don't look good at winning another election anytime soon. Big business your time has come... The pickings are right. HD content, Media Centers, HD TV's, are all coming, and the rich politicians will be the first "Normal" Americans to own this equipment. When they find out that they cant copy their DVD's to there personal online library... what do you think they will say about "Fair Use"?

    Wasn't there a lawsuit not to long ago based on the cost of SD-DVD's and the assumption that the prices was illegally inflated due to an illegal trust. That lawsuit happened when New SD-DVD's were priced over $20, and old ones costed between $10-$20... sounds familiar? That lawsuit ended in a settlement, which dropped the prices dramatically.

    Currently HD & BR DVD's cost up words of $30 a pop. Hmmm...

    The world is going to collapse around these companies, they only need a push. The poor musician struggling to make money excuse wont cut it no more. These companies are actively partaking in unfair, immoral, and illegal behavior. They are getting a taste of public opinion changing, and they are getting scared. So their plan is obvious... Lets make some compromises, and thus lessen the blow. Maybe make our technology less obtrusive by just a bit.

    Until we as a public view, and talk about, these companies as they really are, then nothing will change. Its about time we change the way we talk about this technology and the laws governing it. Its about time we reject the poor musician not getting paid excuse and start retorting this argument by blatantly pointing out what it really is: an untrue attempt at feeling bad for the people who, in the past and present haven't been effected by this logic.

    Want proof? Point out the amazing music coming out of the stores these days. Point out the huge increase in choice of music available. The loss of products with one good song on a CD. Point out the increasingly larger number of artists selling their music locally and globally. Point out the increased amount of money reaching the musicians pockets, and the lowered costs to the consumers.

    Sony say sales numbers are down? Thats because people are buying music from Steve Jobs! Sony says they have to lay off X amount of people? Well tell them to go apply at I-tunes!

    Big artists crying about there decrease in salaries Now they are replaced by 10 or 20 different artists all taking a small peace of the same sized pie. The only losers of this are the poor stock holders of the once "major" record industries crying foul while they were stuffing billions in their pockets while paying mere pennies to those who did all the work.

    We must stop answering the question "Is it legal to backup a DVD?" with a "No" and start answering it with a "Yes, it is... its called Fair Use, and their is a law protecting this behavior."! Its time to point out that the music you buy today, may not play on the device you buy tomorrow!

    Thank you SlySoft, for building a product that enables people who legitimately own Media to back it up on their Media Centers, so that they can easily access the media, and keep the originals in a safe location. I hope to see companies like slysoft be able to move into the great United States of America under the provision that you guys protect legitimate owners of media their rights to manage that media in any way they see fit.
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    You have the right to copy your legally obtained media, but I believe the law currently states that you cannot legally bypass copy protection to do it, in the United States. Now, whether someone will face actual prosecution for it is another matter. Generally not worth the cost and effort except for those that pirate.
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    Thats why we have organizations like the ACLU. To help protect the everyday people who get threatened and bullied by big business and unfair governmental laws.

    In addition, its time we start changing the way people see this world
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    Sounds good, but the ACLU gets lots of money from big business, including Hollywood. As far as the people go, 50% don't know what's going on and 45% may know but are filled with apathy. That leaves 5% that really cares. Gonna be a long fight.
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    The "Fair Use" clause covers the entire law and is very abstract. It doesnt say much, so we may interpret it in a way that benefits our own agenda, and then spread this interpretation to the public using the one very powerfull resource we have. The internet.

    People will care, and do care, when they buy a extensive iTunes Library of music, then find out they cant play that music on the PDA, Telephone, or their replacement device.

    In the general media, the topic is starting to get more and more attention. We just have to push the topic simply by how we respond to questions. How we talk to other people. And how we see things ourselves. Does the internet effect the mainstream media, or does the media effect the internet?

    I dont need to post this thread for it to happen. Its happening right now, and companies are getting scared. They have gone WAY to far, and its about to bite them. They will and are doing everything they can to soften the blow.

    Dont Beleive me? Take Steve Jobs recent remarks against DRM as proof of this. I forsee a HUGE lawsuit by consumers who were unaware that the music they were buying could only be played on Apples Media Players.

    Also, the ACLU is the biggest defender against the violations of free speach and this includes DRM. They have been and are currently partaking in a number of cases. They defended the Professor who used the single line of code that comprised the DECSS writen in perl as part of his lesson plan. They funded the man who discovered the key on the DVD that broke the encryption. They Helped defend the publication 2600 which simply linked to Sites containing DECSS! They are the second largest publically funded lobby group only to be succeeded by the NRA. I live in a small city, and we have a ACLU office located here. Most politicians belong to, contribute, and openingly acknowledge that they are proud card carrying members of the ACLU. The ACLU plays the devils advocate, challenging the laws, bringing the questions to court and to our lawmakers, and thus opening the debate.

    Doubt me?

    Do a search for
    Digital Mellenium Copy right Act

    or click
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    Take my statement, edit it and change it to your hearts content. Then post it on your blog, favorite forums, etc. Make it speak for you, and feel free to take credit for it. If we use what we are given, and spread our ideas, they will grow beyond the 5%.

    It has worked in the past, and will work in the future.

    I know for certain that the music industry, and its multiple angles at DRM, is about to open the gates to the Digital Mellenium Copyrights Act. People are going to get pissed when they start replaceing there IPods with other devices. The big IPod explosion happened about 2 years ago. We are witness to the begining of the fire storm. Wait a year or two more, when people want bigger, larger, better devices and find out how DRM directly effects their lives.

    Do you know that under the DMCA, the PC as we know it wouldnt exist. The reverse engineering of the IBM Bios wouldnt of passed through IBM's lawsuits. IBM would own the BIOS and the IBM would probably have followed the path of the Mac, requireing hardware and software manufactures to pay licenses to sell their products for their machine.

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