Call of Juarez

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  1. jodokast89

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    1.) Ver:
    2.) Game: Call of Juarez
    3.) Game Version:
    4.) DVD
    5.) North America
    6.) SecuROM Version 7.xx
    7.) Windows Vista 32-bit Business Version
    8.) AMD Athlon 64 X2 4200+
    9.) "Conflict with Emulation Software detected.
    Please have a look at for further, more detailed information."
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  2. Webslinger

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    1. Try the .577 beta

    2. Disable Alcohol 120%, Daemon Tools (and also try exiting Anydvd)
  3. nheimler

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    Has anyone figured out if this game is still having issues? Btw the game uses the new StarForce technology where StarForce installs a checker that pops up when the game starts and runs a diag check of your system to make sure the disk is actually inserted. It installs separately after the game is installed.
  4. Webslinger

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    Based on what info? It appears to be using Securom.
  5. nheimler

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    According to the copy of the game that I have. Here are the files:

    Scanning -> E:\ProgramFilesFolder\protect.exe
    File Type : Exe, Size : 483632 (076130h) Bytes
    -> File has 267056 (041330h) bytes of appended data starting at offset 034E00h
    [!] UPX v2.02 compressed !
    - Scan Took : 0.969 Seconds

    Scanning -> E:\ProgramFilesFolder\CoJ.exe
    File Type : Exe, Size : 226800 (0375F0h) Bytes
    -> File has 5616 (015F0h) bytes of appended data starting at offset 036000h
    [!] Starforce wrapped !
    - Scan Took : 0.984 Seconds

    When installed a StarForce screen comes up and scans the drive as described in my last post. The Protect.exe is what runs at the launch of the game to scan. It installs itself during the first run of the game.
  6. Webslinger

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    Interesting. Thanks!