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    So I like a lot of people who came to purchase AnyDVD, saw no credit card option in the US, and said I'll wait. Getting into Cryptocurrency just to purchase this software seemed like a lot. After a couple of weeks not hearing anything I came to check and see what the story was.

    What you have to remember is there are very big businesses that hate what AnyDVD does. They were able to influence the government in Antigua and cause SlySoft to disappear. You'd be a fool to not think this impacts their relationship with payment processors, especially in the US with the DMCA being aggressively pursued. Business can threaten other businesses in regards to who they do business with. Being frustrated with Red Fox makes no sense why would they make their product harder to buy. It's another way to try and run them out of business.

    Considering all this I figured it might be a while before this credit card thing is sorted. I was a lifetime license holder under SlySoft and I appreciate what the company does and I want to continue to support them. I'm also setting up a Kodi Raspberry Pi HTPC and AnyDVD would really help my workflow. I only started with a one year license at the time, decided I needed to do another lifetime deal.

    In the end, I decided I have always been interested in Crypto and also in looking at the history of Crypto and what's it's trying to do it sort of makes sense to buy outlaw software with outlaw cash. There is an excellent note pinned on doing Crypto in the forum. Read through it did my research and went with Coinbase, and got myself an extra $10 in Bitcoin because I used the reference and factor in the discount it turns into a nice deal. Yes, they have identity hoops to jump through. But at this point with all the companies I have done business with and the number of breeches I have been associated with I doubt there is anything left to find out. Not to mention how do I know in the future the banks might not work with the entertainment industry and start mining records for who owns this software. Crazier things have happened in the privacy world. I like buying this software with a currency that is harder to track. And now I have a bitcoin investment to watch. All in all, I'm very happy with my Bitcoin adventure, I'm honestly happy I didn't use my credit card to buy this software.

    Bottomline crypto isn't that bad to do. If it really isn't your thing and your not comfortable, I get it. But honestly, there is no excuse to blame Red Fox for the credit card situation. They really are the victims here. I've seen too many people here take their frustration out on the company. As a fellow consumer, I need to point out that's not right.

    Happy Ripping
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