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  1. profcolli

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    My transaction keeps looping back to my email address in step 1. Do you know who is blacklisting RedFox? I am with Videotron in Quebec, Canada.
    Edit: tried with my work email, same result. Server overload?

    Never mind. I forgot to put in the province (doh) - ironically the response was "must be part of Canada" - tomorrow is Patriot's Day celebrating a Quebec rebellion started to kick out the Canadians. Tried to call the CC bank to make sure it doesn't get blocked, but they are closed for the long weekend holiday. Will try again Tuesday after speaking to them.
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  2. Adasme

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    I get new LTL license at weekend and today when checked my bank account it´s showing:
    "electronic things"
    has get that money, Is it ok?

    I read email what say it should be some fashion but what about electronic?
    Asking cause wanna be sure everything is OK (License working great)
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  3. world123

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    Two transactions for multiple LTL licenses for all Redfox products (I had LTL licenses from the Slysoft Era) from China Only 1% foreign fee! Had initial lockup or timeout problems. These two orders were pieces of cake.

    I have been a Slysoft member for a very long time (i.e., NOT a New Member). Time to look ahead.

    Probably not a good idea to show the exact vendors to the Dark Side!
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  4. Clams

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    Agreed! I was thinking that myself.
    Redfox has several "shell companies" set up to take CC payments (that's why it took so long!).
    There is no need to expose the names and force them to have to make more of them.
  5. schmidtj

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    Day one I ordered one lifetime license.
    Transaction processed just fine.
    At the time the Euro to US$ should have made the transaction about $99 but it
    came through at $102 and I now see the CC processor (Chase Visa) added another
    $3approx foreign transaction fee. For a total of $105.67. No fraud alerts.

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    I just wanted to say if purchasing my NEW anyDVDHD license is what is required to keep the "best damn decrypter" on the market going and supported with future development then I'm happy to have helped you out with my purchase.
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